ItemsRepeater ItemsRepeater ItemsRepeater ItemsRepeater Class


Represents a data-driven collection control that incorporates a flexible layout system, custom views, and virtualization.

public : class ItemsRepeater : FrameworkElement
struct winrt::Microsoft::UI::Xaml::Controls::ItemsRepeater : FrameworkElement
public class ItemsRepeater : FrameworkElement
Public Class ItemsRepeater Inherits FrameworkElement


ItemsRepeater() ItemsRepeater() ItemsRepeater() ItemsRepeater()

Initializes a new instance of the ItemsRepeater class.


AnimatorProperty AnimatorProperty AnimatorProperty AnimatorProperty

Identifies the @Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls.ItemsRepeater.Animator?text=Animator dependency property.

Background Background Background Background

Gets or sets a brush that provides the background of the control.

BackgroundProperty BackgroundProperty BackgroundProperty BackgroundProperty

Identifies the Background dependency property.

HorizontalCacheLength HorizontalCacheLength HorizontalCacheLength HorizontalCacheLength

Gets or sets a value that indicates the size of the buffer used to realize items when panning or scrolling horizontally.

HorizontalCacheLengthProperty HorizontalCacheLengthProperty HorizontalCacheLengthProperty HorizontalCacheLengthProperty

Identifies the HorizontalCacheLength dependency property.

ItemsSource ItemsSource ItemsSource ItemsSource

Gets or sets an object source used to generate the content of the ItemsRepeater.

ItemsSourceProperty ItemsSourceProperty ItemsSourceProperty ItemsSourceProperty

Identifies the ItemsSource dependency property.

ItemsSourceView ItemsSourceView ItemsSourceView ItemsSourceView

Gets a standardized view of the supported interactions between a given ItemsSource object and the ItemsRepeater control and its associated components.

ItemTemplate ItemTemplate ItemTemplate ItemTemplate

Gets or sets the template used to display each item.

ItemTemplateProperty ItemTemplateProperty ItemTemplateProperty ItemTemplateProperty

Identifies the ItemTemplate dependency property.

Layout Layout Layout Layout

Gets or sets the layout used to size and position elements in the ItemsRepeater.

LayoutProperty LayoutProperty LayoutProperty LayoutProperty

Identifies the Layout dependency property.

VerticalCacheLength VerticalCacheLength VerticalCacheLength VerticalCacheLength

Gets or sets a value that indicates the size of the buffer used to realize items when panning or scrolling vertically.

VerticalCacheLengthProperty VerticalCacheLengthProperty VerticalCacheLengthProperty VerticalCacheLengthProperty

Identifies the VerticalCacheLength dependency property.


GetElementIndex(UIElement) GetElementIndex(UIElement) GetElementIndex(UIElement) GetElementIndex(UIElement)

Retrieves the index of the item from the data source that corresponds to the specified UIElement.

GetOrCreateElement(Int32) GetOrCreateElement(Int32) GetOrCreateElement(Int32) GetOrCreateElement(Int32)

Retrieves the UIElement that corresponds to the item at the specified index in the data source.

TryGetElement(Int32) TryGetElement(Int32) TryGetElement(Int32) TryGetElement(Int32)

Retrieves the realized UIElement that corresponds to the item at the specified index in the data source.


ElementClearing ElementClearing ElementClearing ElementClearing

Occurs each time an element is cleared and made available to be re-used.

ElementIndexChanged ElementIndexChanged ElementIndexChanged ElementIndexChanged

Occurs for each realized UIElement when the index for the item it represents has changed.

ElementPrepared ElementPrepared ElementPrepared ElementPrepared

Occurs each time an element is prepared for use.

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