RadioButtons RadioButtons RadioButtons RadioButtons Class


Represents a control that displays a group of related RadioButton controls.

public : class RadioButtons : Control
struct winrt::Microsoft::UI::Xaml::Controls::RadioButtons : Control
public class RadioButtons : Control
Public Class RadioButtons Inherits Control


RadioButtons() RadioButtons() RadioButtons() RadioButtons()

Initializes a new instance of the RadioButtons class.


Header Header Header Header

Gets or sets the content for the group header.

HeaderProperty HeaderProperty HeaderProperty HeaderProperty

Identifies the Header dependency property.

Items Items Items Items

Gets the collection used to generate the content of the control.

ItemsProperty ItemsProperty ItemsProperty ItemsProperty

Identifies the Items dependency property.

ItemsSource ItemsSource ItemsSource ItemsSource

Gets or sets an object source used to generate the content of the control.

ItemsSourceProperty ItemsSourceProperty ItemsSourceProperty ItemsSourceProperty

Identifies the ItemsSource dependency property.

ItemTemplate ItemTemplate ItemTemplate ItemTemplate

Gets or sets the DataTemplate used to display each item.

ItemTemplateProperty ItemTemplateProperty ItemTemplateProperty ItemTemplateProperty

Identifies the ItemTemplate dependency property.

MaximumColumns MaximumColumns MaximumColumns MaximumColumns

Gets or sets the maximum number of columns that the control shows before it introduces wrapping to the layout.

MaximumColumnsProperty MaximumColumnsProperty MaximumColumnsProperty MaximumColumnsProperty

Identifies the MaximumColumns dependency property.

SelectedIndex SelectedIndex SelectedIndex SelectedIndex

Gets or sets the index of the selected radio button.

SelectedIndexProperty SelectedIndexProperty SelectedIndexProperty SelectedIndexProperty

Identifies the SelectedIndex dependency property.

SelectedItem SelectedItem SelectedItem SelectedItem

Gets or sets the selected radio button.

SelectedItemProperty SelectedItemProperty SelectedItemProperty SelectedItemProperty

Identifies the SelectedItem dependency property.


ContainerFromIndex(Int32) ContainerFromIndex(Int32) ContainerFromIndex(Int32) ContainerFromIndex(Int32)

Returns the container for the item at the specified index within the item collection.

ContainerFromItem(Object) ContainerFromItem(Object) ContainerFromItem(Object) ContainerFromItem(Object)

Returns the container corresponding to the specified item.


SelectionChanged SelectionChanged SelectionChanged SelectionChanged

Occurs when the currently selected item changes.

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