SplitButton SplitButton SplitButton SplitButton Class


Represents a button with two parts that can be invoked separately. One part behaves like a standard button and the other part invokes a flyout.

public : class SplitButton : ContentControl
struct winrt::Microsoft::UI::Xaml::Controls::SplitButton : ContentControl
public class SplitButton : ContentControl
Public Class SplitButton Inherits ContentControl


SplitButton() SplitButton() SplitButton() SplitButton()

Initializes a new instance of the SplitButton class.


Command Command Command Command

Gets or sets the command to invoke when this button is pressed.

CommandParameter CommandParameter CommandParameter CommandParameter

Gets or sets the parameter to pass to the Command property.

CommandParameterProperty CommandParameterProperty CommandParameterProperty CommandParameterProperty

Identifies the CommandParameter dependency property.

CommandProperty CommandProperty CommandProperty CommandProperty

Identifies the Command dependency property.

Flyout Flyout Flyout Flyout

Gets or sets the flyout associated with this button.

FlyoutProperty FlyoutProperty FlyoutProperty FlyoutProperty

Identifies the Flyout dependency property.


Click Click Click Click

Occurs when a button control is clicked.

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