StackLayout StackLayout StackLayout StackLayout Class


Arranges elements into a single line (with spacing) that can be oriented horizontally or vertically.

public : class StackLayout : VirtualizingLayout
struct winrt::Microsoft::UI::Xaml::Controls::StackLayout : VirtualizingLayout
public class StackLayout : VirtualizingLayout
Public Class StackLayout Inherits VirtualizingLayout


StackLayout supports virtualization when attached to a host that supports virtualization.


StackLayout() StackLayout() StackLayout() StackLayout()

Initializes a new instance of the StackLayout class.


Orientation Orientation Orientation Orientation

Gets or sets the axis along which items are laid out.

OrientationProperty OrientationProperty OrientationProperty OrientationProperty

Identifies the Orientation dependency property.

Spacing Spacing Spacing Spacing

Gets or sets a uniform distance (in pixels) between stacked items. It is applied in the direction of the StackLayout's Orientation.

SpacingProperty SpacingProperty SpacingProperty SpacingProperty

Identifies the Spacing dependency property.

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