Microsoft Windows UI Toolkit Namespaces

These namespaces are a part of the Microsoft Windows UI Library. To use them, you need to install the Windows UI Library NuGET package: See the Windows UI Library overview and installation instructions.

Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Automation.Peers Defines support types for the automation infrastucture.
Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls Provides UI controls and classes for creating custom controls.
Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls.Primitives Defines UI components used by the Microsoft.Ui.Xaml.Controls namespace.
Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Core.Direct Provides a way for middleware authors to access low-level, high-performance XAML APIs.
Microsoft.UI.Xaml.CustomAttributes Provides custom attributes (keyword-like descriptive declarations) that annotate programming elements such as types, fields, methods, and properties.
Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Media Provides brushes, basic media support, and graphics primitives.
Microsoft.UI.Xaml.XamlTypeInfo Provides support for the XAML schema.