MapVariableDescriptorPreview MapVariableDescriptorPreview MapVariableDescriptorPreview MapVariableDescriptorPreview MapVariableDescriptorPreview Class


Deprecated. Represents the map variable descriptor information.

public : sealed class MapVariableDescriptorPreview : ILearningModelVariableDescriptorPreview
struct winrt::Windows::AI::MachineLearning::Preview::MapVariableDescriptorPreview : ILearningModelVariableDescriptorPreview
public sealed class MapVariableDescriptorPreview : ILearningModelVariableDescriptorPreview
Public NotInheritable Class MapVariableDescriptorPreview Implements ILearningModelVariableDescriptorPreview
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10, version 1809 (introduced v10.0.17763.0)
API contract
Windows.AI.MachineLearning.Preview.MachineLearningPreviewContract (introduced v2)


public void Evaluator(LearningModelPreview model)
	// Retrieve the first input feature which is a map
    ILearningModelVariableDescriptorPreview inputMapFeatureDescription = model.Description.InputFeatures.First(feature=>feature.ModelFeatureKind == LearningModelFeatureKindPreview.Map);
    MapVariableDescriptorPreview MapDescriptor = (MapVariableDescriptorPreview)inputMapFeatureDescription;

	// Ensure the input feature is of type map
    if (MapDescriptor.ModelFeatureKind != LearningModelFeatureKindPreview.Map)
        Console.WriteLine($"Input Feature Name: {imageDescriptor.Name}. Not a map feature type.");



Description Description Description Description Description

Deprecated. Gets the description map variable.

Fields Fields Fields Fields Fields

Deprecated. Gets the data type of the field of the map variable.

IsRequired IsRequired IsRequired IsRequired IsRequired
KeyKind KeyKind KeyKind KeyKind KeyKind

Deprecated. Gets the data type of the key for the map variable.

ModelFeatureKind ModelFeatureKind ModelFeatureKind ModelFeatureKind ModelFeatureKind

Deprecated. Gets the data type of the variable.

Name Name Name Name Name

Deprecated. Gets the name of the map variable.

ValidIntegerKeys ValidIntegerKeys ValidIntegerKeys ValidIntegerKeys ValidIntegerKeys
ValidStringKeys ValidStringKeys ValidStringKeys ValidStringKeys ValidStringKeys

See also

  • [!Warning] > This is a deprecated API. Please use the N:Windows.AI.MachineLearning namespace instead.