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Prerelease APIs are identified by a Prerelease label.

[This namespace contains one or more prerelease APIs.]
Provides an app with access to core system functionality and run-time information about its app package, and handles suspend operations.


AppDisplayInfo AppDisplayInfo AppDisplayInfo AppDisplayInfo AppDisplayInfo

Provides an application's name, description, and logo

AppInfo AppInfo AppInfo AppInfo AppInfo

Provides information about an application such as it name, logo, package information, ID.

AppInstance AppInstance AppInstance AppInstance AppInstance

Represents an instance of an app.

CameraApplicationManager CameraApplicationManager CameraApplicationManager CameraApplicationManager CameraApplicationManager

Enables an app to launch a dialog that displays all of the lens apps installed on the device and allows the user to quickly switch between them.

DesignMode DesignMode DesignMode DesignMode DesignMode

Enables you to detect whether your app is in design mode in a visual designer.

EnteredBackgroundEventArgs EnteredBackgroundEventArgs EnteredBackgroundEventArgs EnteredBackgroundEventArgs EnteredBackgroundEventArgs

Gets the deferral object when an app has entered the background state.

FullTrustProcessLauncher FullTrustProcessLauncher FullTrustProcessLauncher FullTrustProcessLauncher FullTrustProcessLauncher

Activate the full-trust Win32 component of an application from a Universal Windows app component in the same application package.

LeavingBackgroundEventArgs LeavingBackgroundEventArgs LeavingBackgroundEventArgs LeavingBackgroundEventArgs LeavingBackgroundEventArgs

Gets the deferral object when the app is leaving the background state.

Package Package Package Package Package

[Contains prerelease APIs.]
Provides information about a package.

PackageCatalog PackageCatalog PackageCatalog PackageCatalog PackageCatalog

Provides access to app packages on the device.

PackageCatalogAddOptionalPackageResult PackageCatalogAddOptionalPackageResult PackageCatalogAddOptionalPackageResult PackageCatalogAddOptionalPackageResult PackageCatalogAddOptionalPackageResult

Provides information about the result of adding an optional package to the package catalog.

PackageCatalogAddResourcePackageResult PackageCatalogAddResourcePackageResult PackageCatalogAddResourcePackageResult PackageCatalogAddResourcePackageResult PackageCatalogAddResourcePackageResult

Provides information on the status of adding resource packages to an app package.

PackageCatalogRemoveOptionalPackagesResult PackageCatalogRemoveOptionalPackagesResult PackageCatalogRemoveOptionalPackagesResult PackageCatalogRemoveOptionalPackagesResult PackageCatalogRemoveOptionalPackagesResult

Provides information on the status of removing optional packages.

PackageCatalogRemoveResourcePackagesResult PackageCatalogRemoveResourcePackagesResult PackageCatalogRemoveResourcePackagesResult PackageCatalogRemoveResourcePackagesResult PackageCatalogRemoveResourcePackagesResult

Provides information on the status of removing resource packages from an app package.

PackageContentGroup PackageContentGroup PackageContentGroup PackageContentGroup PackageContentGroup

Provides information about a package content group.

PackageContentGroupStagingEventArgs PackageContentGroupStagingEventArgs PackageContentGroupStagingEventArgs PackageContentGroupStagingEventArgs PackageContentGroupStagingEventArgs

Provides information about the package content group that is being staged.

PackageId PackageId PackageId PackageId PackageId

Provides package identification info, such as name, version, and publisher.

PackageInstallingEventArgs PackageInstallingEventArgs PackageInstallingEventArgs PackageInstallingEventArgs PackageInstallingEventArgs

Provides information about the app package that is being installed.

PackageStagingEventArgs PackageStagingEventArgs PackageStagingEventArgs PackageStagingEventArgs PackageStagingEventArgs

Provides information about the app package that is being staged.

PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus PackageStatus

Provides the status of the package.

PackageStatusChangedEventArgs PackageStatusChangedEventArgs PackageStatusChangedEventArgs PackageStatusChangedEventArgs PackageStatusChangedEventArgs

Provides access to the package that has changed.

PackageUninstallingEventArgs PackageUninstallingEventArgs PackageUninstallingEventArgs PackageUninstallingEventArgs PackageUninstallingEventArgs

Provides information about the app package that is being uninstalled.

PackageUpdatingEventArgs PackageUpdatingEventArgs PackageUpdatingEventArgs PackageUpdatingEventArgs PackageUpdatingEventArgs

Provides information about the package that is being updated.

StartupTask StartupTask StartupTask StartupTask StartupTask

Represents a UWP app, or a Desktop Bridge background task, that runs at system startup or when the user logs in to their device.

SuspendingDeferral SuspendingDeferral SuspendingDeferral SuspendingDeferral SuspendingDeferral

Manages a delayed app suspending operation.

SuspendingEventArgs SuspendingEventArgs SuspendingEventArgs SuspendingEventArgs SuspendingEventArgs

Provides data for an app suspending event.

SuspendingOperation SuspendingOperation SuspendingOperation SuspendingOperation SuspendingOperation

Provides info about an app suspending operation.


PackageInstallProgress PackageInstallProgress PackageInstallProgress PackageInstallProgress PackageInstallProgress

Gets the installation progress of installing a resource package or an app package.

PackageVersion PackageVersion PackageVersion PackageVersion PackageVersion

Represents the package version info.


IEnteredBackgroundEventArgs IEnteredBackgroundEventArgs IEnteredBackgroundEventArgs IEnteredBackgroundEventArgs IEnteredBackgroundEventArgs

Gets the deferral object when an app has entered the background state.

ILeavingBackgroundEventArgs ILeavingBackgroundEventArgs ILeavingBackgroundEventArgs ILeavingBackgroundEventArgs ILeavingBackgroundEventArgs

Gets the deferral object when the app is leaving the background state.

ISuspendingDeferral ISuspendingDeferral ISuspendingDeferral ISuspendingDeferral ISuspendingDeferral

Manages a delayed app suspending operation.

ISuspendingEventArgs ISuspendingEventArgs ISuspendingEventArgs ISuspendingEventArgs ISuspendingEventArgs

Provides data for an app suspending event.

ISuspendingOperation ISuspendingOperation ISuspendingOperation ISuspendingOperation ISuspendingOperation

Provides information about an app suspending operation.


AddResourcePackageOptions AddResourcePackageOptions AddResourcePackageOptions AddResourcePackageOptions AddResourcePackageOptions

Specifies various options for adding a resource package to an app.

PackageContentGroupState PackageContentGroupState PackageContentGroupState PackageContentGroupState PackageContentGroupState

Describes the staging state of the package content group.

PackageSignatureKind PackageSignatureKind PackageSignatureKind PackageSignatureKind PackageSignatureKind

Specifies the ways that an app package may be signed.

StartupTaskState StartupTaskState StartupTaskState StartupTaskState StartupTaskState

Represents the state (enabled, disabled, or disabled by user) of a startup task.


To improve system responsiveness, apps are given low priority access to resources after they are suspended. To support this new priority, the suspend operation timeout is extended so that the app has the equivalent of the 5-second timeout for normal priority. You cannot extend or alter this timeout window.

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