TileActivatedInfo.RecentlyShownNotifications Property


Gets the notifications that have been shown on the tile that activated your app from most recent to oldest. The first notification represents what was on the tile when the user clicked it. If the tile was blank, the list is empty.

 property IVectorView<ShownTileNotification ^> ^ RecentlyShownNotifications { IVectorView<ShownTileNotification ^> ^ get(); };
IVectorView<ShownTileNotification> RecentlyShownNotifications();
public IReadOnlyList<ShownTileNotification> RecentlyShownNotifications { get; }
var iVectorView = tileActivatedInfo.recentlyShownNotifications;
Public ReadOnly Property RecentlyShownNotifications As IReadOnlyList(Of ShownTileNotification)

Property Value


The tile notifications that have been shown from most recent to oldest.

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