ReplaceAppointmentOperation ReplaceAppointmentOperation ReplaceAppointmentOperation ReplaceAppointmentOperation ReplaceAppointmentOperation Class


Represents the operation object associated with replacing an appointment. Appointments provider apps use this info to perform the operation.

public : sealed class ReplaceAppointmentOperation
struct winrt::Windows::ApplicationModel::Appointments::AppointmentsProvider::ReplaceAppointmentOperation
public sealed class ReplaceAppointmentOperation
Public NotInheritable Class ReplaceAppointmentOperation
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


This class is used as the value of the ReplaceAppointmentOperation event data property from the AppointmentsProviderRemoveAppointmentActivatedEventArgs event data class. An appointments provider app typically goes through a series of casts and property checks starting from the IActivatedEventArgs event data of a general activation event handler. If the activation indicates that it's an AppointmentsProvider app activation kind with Remove as the verb, then it's appropriate to cast event data to AppointmentsProviderRemoveAppointmentActivatedEventArgs.

Providers call methods of ReplaceAppointmentOperation to indicate whether the operation was completed, was canceled, or when a provider error prevented the operation from being completed. Calling these methods influences the async results that the activating app gets back from one of its ShowReplaceAppointmentAsync calls. All of the reporting methods (ReportCompleted, ReportCanceled, ReportError ) dismiss the Replace Appointment UI.


AppointmentId AppointmentId AppointmentId AppointmentId AppointmentId

Gets the unique identifier of the appointment to replace.

AppointmentInformation AppointmentInformation AppointmentInformation AppointmentInformation AppointmentInformation

Gets the Appointment info from the activation request.

InstanceStartDate InstanceStartDate InstanceStartDate InstanceStartDate InstanceStartDate

Gets the start date and time of the appointment instance to replace.

SourcePackageFamilyName SourcePackageFamilyName SourcePackageFamilyName SourcePackageFamilyName SourcePackageFamilyName

Gets the package family name of the app that is requesting the operation.


DismissUI() DismissUI() DismissUI() DismissUI() DismissUI()

Dismisses the UI for the operation that replaces an appointment.

ReportCanceled() ReportCanceled() ReportCanceled() ReportCanceled() ReportCanceled()

Informs the activating app that the operation was canceled by the user.

ReportCompleted(String) ReportCompleted(String) ReportCompleted(String) ReportCompleted(String) ReportCompleted(String)

Informs the activating app that the operation was completed successfully.

ReportError(String) ReportError(String) ReportError(String) ReportError(String) ReportError(String)

Informs the activating app that the operation couldn't be completed because of a provider error.