PhoneDialOptions PhoneDialOptions PhoneDialOptions PhoneDialOptions PhoneDialOptions Class


Represents options for dialing a call.

public : sealed class PhoneDialOptions
struct winrt::Windows::ApplicationModel::Calls::PhoneDialOptions
public sealed class PhoneDialOptions
Public NotInheritable Class PhoneDialOptions
var phoneDialOptions = new phoneDialOptions();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Mobile Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.ApplicationModel.Calls.CallsPhoneContract (introduced v1)
phoneCallHistorySystem phoneCallHistory


If you are supplying an IContact as the Contact, then you need to make sure it is a component contact and not an aggregate contact. This will make sure that the correct contact is reached when you attempt to place a call using these PhoneDialOptions. Otherwise, the additional information in the contact will be lost and a lookup will be performed using only the number. This might result in the incorrect contact being selected if multiple contacts share the same number but have different metadata.


PhoneDialOptions() PhoneDialOptions() PhoneDialOptions() PhoneDialOptions() PhoneDialOptions()

Creates a new instance of the class


AudioEndpoint AudioEndpoint AudioEndpoint AudioEndpoint AudioEndpoint

Gets or sets the audio endpoint requested for a dial.

Contact Contact Contact Contact Contact

Gets or sets the address book contact associated with a dial request.

ContactPhone ContactPhone ContactPhone ContactPhone ContactPhone

Gets or sets the phone number property of the address book contact that is associated with the dial request.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets or sets the name of the party being dialed. This value is displayed if the number being dialed does not have a party name with a matching number in the user's address book.

Media Media Media Media Media

Gets or Sets the type or types of media requested for a dial.

Number Number Number Number Number

Gets or sets the phone number to dial.