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Fields may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Instead, use Phones, Emails, Addresses, or ConnectedServiceAccounts.

Sets the fields that contain information about a contact.

public : IVector<IContactField> Fields { get; }
IVector<IContactField> Fields();
public IList<IContactField> Fields { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Fields As IList<IContactField>
var iList = contact.fields;

Property Value

IList<IContactField> IList<IContactField> IList<IContactField>

An array of fields containing information about a contact.

Additional features and requirements



These functions show how you can add different fields to a Contact object.

function appendField(fields, value, type, category) {
    if (value) {
        fields.append(new Windows.ApplicationModel.Contacts.ContactField(value, type, category));
function appendEmail(fields, email, category) {
    // Adds a new email to the contact fields vector
    appendField(fields, email,, category);
function appendPhoneNumber(fields, phone, category) {
    // Adds a new phone number to the contact fields vector
    appendField(fields, phone, Windows.ApplicationModel.Contacts.ContactFieldType.phoneNumber, category);
function appendAddress(fields, address, category) {
    // Adds a new address to the contact fields vector
    if (address) {
        fields.append(new Windows.ApplicationModel.Contacts.ContactLocationField(
                        address.full, category, address.street,, address.state, "", address.zipCode));


The ContactFieldCategory and ContactFieldType classes provide information about what kind of information you can put into a field.