Contact.Name Contact.Name Contact.Name Contact.Name Contact.Name Property



Name may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Instead, use FirstName.

Sets and gets the name of the contact.

public : Platform::String Name { get; set; }
winrt::hstring Name();

void Name(winrt::hstring name);
public string Name { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property Name As string
var string =; = string;

Property Value

string string string

The name of the contact.

Additional features and requirements



This example shows a function taking the name property and returning the first and last names of the contact.

function getFirstAndLastName(contact) {
    var name =;
    if (name.indexOf(" ") != -1) {
        var firstAndLast = name.split(" ");
        return {
            first: firstAndLast[0],
            last: firstAndLast[1]
    } else {
        return null;


An app can set the name property to any value that matches the name of a contact. We recommend that you set this value to contain both the first and last names of the contact, if that information is available.