ContactList ContactList ContactList ContactList ContactList Class


Represents a list of Contact objects.

public : sealed class ContactList
struct winrt::Windows::ApplicationModel::Contacts::ContactList
public sealed class ContactList
Public NotInheritable Class ContactList
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Call ContactStore.CreateContactListAsync to create a new instance of this class.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1607 14393 RegisterSyncManagerAsync
1607 14393 SyncConstraints
1709 16299 GetChangeTracker
1709 16299 LimitedWriteOperations


ChangeTracker ChangeTracker ChangeTracker ChangeTracker ChangeTracker

Gets the app's ContactChangeTracker for this ContactList.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets or puts the name of the ContactList, suitable for display in the user interface.

Id Id Id Id Id

Gets the locally unique identifier for this ContactList.

IsHidden IsHidden IsHidden IsHidden IsHidden

Gets or puts a Boolean value indicating of the ContactList is hidden in the user interface.

LimitedWriteOperations LimitedWriteOperations LimitedWriteOperations LimitedWriteOperations LimitedWriteOperations

Gets an object that provides operations that an app can perform on a contact list that it has not created.

OtherAppReadAccess OtherAppReadAccess OtherAppReadAccess OtherAppReadAccess OtherAppReadAccess

Gets or puts a value indicating the read access level to this ContactList for other apps on the system.

OtherAppWriteAccess OtherAppWriteAccess OtherAppWriteAccess OtherAppWriteAccess OtherAppWriteAccess

Gets or puts a value indicating the write access level to this ContactList for other apps on the system.

SourceDisplayName SourceDisplayName SourceDisplayName SourceDisplayName SourceDisplayName

Gets the name of the source of the ContactList, suitable for display in the user interface.

SupportsServerSearch SupportsServerSearch SupportsServerSearch SupportsServerSearch SupportsServerSearch

Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating if you can search the remote server with this ContactList.

SyncConstraints SyncConstraints SyncConstraints SyncConstraints SyncConstraints

Gets the ContactListSyncConstraints which indicates the maximum amount of contact list data that can be synchronized.

SyncManager SyncManager SyncManager SyncManager SyncManager

Gets the ContactListSyncManager used to communicate with the server.

UserDataAccountId UserDataAccountId UserDataAccountId UserDataAccountId UserDataAccountId

Gets a string that represents the ID of the user data account for this ContactList.


DeleteAsync() DeleteAsync() DeleteAsync() DeleteAsync() DeleteAsync()

Asynchronously deletes this ContactList, including all Contact objects in the ContactStore.

DeleteContactAsync(Contact) DeleteContactAsync(Contact) DeleteContactAsync(Contact) DeleteContactAsync(Contact) DeleteContactAsync(Contact)

Asynchronously deletes and individual Contact from this ContactList and the ContactStore.

GetChangeTracker(String) GetChangeTracker(String) GetChangeTracker(String) GetChangeTracker(String) GetChangeTracker(String)

Gets a ContactChangeTracker that provides functionality for monitoring changes to Contact objects in the ContactList.

GetContactAsync(String) GetContactAsync(String) GetContactAsync(String) GetContactAsync(String) GetContactAsync(String)

Asynchronously retrieves the specified Contact object from the ContactList.

GetContactFromRemoteIdAsync(String) GetContactFromRemoteIdAsync(String) GetContactFromRemoteIdAsync(String) GetContactFromRemoteIdAsync(String) GetContactFromRemoteIdAsync(String)

Asynchronously gets the Contact identified by the specified RemoteId.

GetContactReader() GetContactReader() GetContactReader() GetContactReader() GetContactReader()

Gets a ContactReader object associated with this ContactList.

GetContactReader(ContactQueryOptions) GetContactReader(ContactQueryOptions) GetContactReader(ContactQueryOptions) GetContactReader(ContactQueryOptions) GetContactReader(ContactQueryOptions)

Gets a ContactReader object associated with this ContactList and using the specified ContactQueryOptions.

GetMeContactAsync() GetMeContactAsync() GetMeContactAsync() GetMeContactAsync() GetMeContactAsync()

Asynchronously gets the Contact object for the current user.

RegisterSyncManagerAsync() RegisterSyncManagerAsync() RegisterSyncManagerAsync() RegisterSyncManagerAsync() RegisterSyncManagerAsync()

Adds a SyncManager to the ContactList.

SaveAsync() SaveAsync() SaveAsync() SaveAsync() SaveAsync()

Asynchronously saves this ContactList.

SaveContactAsync(Contact) SaveContactAsync(Contact) SaveContactAsync(Contact) SaveContactAsync(Contact) SaveContactAsync(Contact)

Asynchronously saves the specified Contact to the ContactStore.


ContactChanged ContactChanged ContactChanged ContactChanged ContactChanged

Occurs when a Contact in this ContactList has been changed.