DataPackagePropertySetView DataPackagePropertySetView DataPackagePropertySetView DataPackagePropertySetView DataPackagePropertySetView Class


Gets the set of properties of a DataPackageView object.

public : sealed class DataPackagePropertySetView
struct winrt::Windows::ApplicationModel::DataTransfer::DataPackagePropertySetView
public sealed class DataPackagePropertySetView
Public NotInheritable Class DataPackagePropertySetView
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


if ( {
    var title =;
    var description =;


In addition to the content being shared, each instance of a DataPackageView object supports a set of properties. Target apps can use these properties to learn more about the content of the DataPackageView.

This class directly supports several default properties, such as a thumbnail, a title, and a description. Target apps can access specific properties through the Lookup or TryGetValue methods.

When a share target receives shared content, it also receives certain properties associated with the source app as a part of the DataPackageView. In Windows Runtime app, several of these properties, such as ApplicationListingUri, ApplicationName, and PackageFamilyName, will be set by the operating system. In Windows Phone Silverlight apps, however, these properties will not be automatically filled and must be set manually.

Collection member lists

For JavaScript, DataPackagePropertySetView supports using an index to access items.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1803 17134 ContentSourceUserActivityJson
1809 17763 IsFromRoamingClipboard


ApplicationListingUri ApplicationListingUri ApplicationListingUri ApplicationListingUri ApplicationListingUri

Gets the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the app's location in the Microsoft Store.

ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName

Gets the name of the app that created the DataPackage object.

ContentSourceApplicationLink ContentSourceApplicationLink ContentSourceApplicationLink ContentSourceApplicationLink ContentSourceApplicationLink

Gets the application link to the content from the source app.

ContentSourceUserActivityJson ContentSourceUserActivityJson ContentSourceUserActivityJson ContentSourceUserActivityJson ContentSourceUserActivityJson

Gets the UserActivity in serialized JSON format to be shared with another app.

ContentSourceWebLink ContentSourceWebLink ContentSourceWebLink ContentSourceWebLink ContentSourceWebLink

Gets a web link to shared content that's currently displayed in the app.

Description Description Description Description Description

Gets the text that describes the contents of the DataPackage.

EnterpriseId EnterpriseId EnterpriseId EnterpriseId EnterpriseId

Gets or sets the enterprise Id.

FileTypes FileTypes FileTypes FileTypes FileTypes

Gets a vector object that contains the types of files stored in the DataPackage object.

IsFromRoamingClipboard IsFromRoamingClipboard IsFromRoamingClipboard IsFromRoamingClipboard IsFromRoamingClipboard

Gets a value that indicates whether the shared content in the DataPackageView comes from clipboard data that was synced from another device for the current user.

LogoBackgroundColor LogoBackgroundColor LogoBackgroundColor LogoBackgroundColor LogoBackgroundColor

Gets a background color for the sharing app's Square30x30Logo.

PackageFamilyName PackageFamilyName PackageFamilyName PackageFamilyName PackageFamilyName

Gets the package family name of the source app.

Size Size Size Size Size

Gets the number of items that are contained in the property set.

Square30x30Logo Square30x30Logo Square30x30Logo Square30x30Logo Square30x30Logo

Gets the source app's logo.

Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail

Gets the thumbnail image for the DataPackageView.

Title Title Title Title Title

Gets the text that displays as a title for the contents of the DataPackagePropertySetView object.


First() First() First() First() First()

Returns an iterator to enumerate the items in the property set.

HasKey(String) HasKey(String) HasKey(String) HasKey(String) HasKey(String)

Indicates whether the DataPackagePropertySetView object contains a specific property.

Lookup(String) Lookup(String) Lookup(String) Lookup(String) Lookup(String)

Retrieves the value of a specific property.

Split(IMapView<String, Object>, IMapView<String, Object>) Split(IMapView<String, Object>, IMapView<String, Object>) Split(IMapView<String, Object>, IMapView<String, Object>) Split(IMapView<String, Object>, IMapView<String, Object>) Split(IMapView<String, Object>, IMapView<String, Object>)

Divides the object into two views