Package.Launch(String) Package.Launch(String) Package.Launch(String) Package.Launch(String) Package.Launch(String) Method


Windows Phone only. Launches the specified application.

public : void Launch(Platform::String parameters)
void Launch(winrt::hstring parameters) const;
public void Launch(String parameters)
Public Sub Launch(parameters As String)


String String String

The navigation URI that specifies the page to launch and optional parameters. Use an empty string to specify the default page for the app.


The Launch parameter has the same format as the NavigationUri format. The following table shows some examples:

ScenarioLaunch parameterExample
You just want to launch the app with the default page.Specify an empty string.`pkg.Launch("");`
You want to launch to a particular XAML page.Start with a forward slash (/) followed by the XAML page name.`pkg.Launch("/Page1.xaml");`
You want to pass parameters to the default page.Start with a question mark (?) followed by name/value pairs. Use an equal sign (=) between the name and value. Separate multiple name/value pairs with an ampersand (&).`pkg.Launch("?content=1234¶m2=test");`
You want to launch to a particular XAML page and pass in parameters.Use a combination of the previous two examples.`pkg.Launch("/Page1.xaml?content=1234¶m2=test ");`


The Launch method only works if it is called from a Windows Phone Silverlight app.