Windows.ApplicationModel.Payments Windows.ApplicationModel.Payments Windows.ApplicationModel.Payments Windows.ApplicationModel.Payments Windows.ApplicationModel.Payments Namespace

This namespace provides payment functionality equivalent to the W3C Payment Request API specification for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. The W3C Payment Request API allows websites to collect payment information in a way that is easy for both the merchant and the user.

To use the Payment Request API, you will need to support one of the existing payment methods.


PaymentAddress PaymentAddress PaymentAddress PaymentAddress PaymentAddress

This class represents an address that is used in the Payment Request API. This class reflects the W3C PaymentAddress interface.

PaymentCanMakePaymentResult PaymentCanMakePaymentResult PaymentCanMakePaymentResult PaymentCanMakePaymentResult PaymentCanMakePaymentResult

This class serves as a result of the CanMakePaymentsAsync method.

PaymentCurrencyAmount PaymentCurrencyAmount PaymentCurrencyAmount PaymentCurrencyAmount PaymentCurrencyAmount

This class describes a monetary value associated with a purchase. For example, charges or discounts. This class reflects the W3C PaymentCurrencyAmount dictionary.

PaymentDetails PaymentDetails PaymentDetails PaymentDetails PaymentDetails

This class provides information about the requested transaction; it is passed to the PaymentRequest and PaymentRequestChangedResult constructors. This class reflects the W3C PaymentDetails dictionary.

PaymentDetailsModifier PaymentDetailsModifier PaymentDetailsModifier PaymentDetailsModifier PaymentDetailsModifier

This class is used when payment methods (see PaymentRequest.MethodData ) have additional costs or discounts associated with them. This class reflects the W3C PaymentDetailsModifier dictionary.

PaymentItem PaymentItem PaymentItem PaymentItem PaymentItem

This class represents a payment item. This class reflects the W3C PaymentItem dictionary.

PaymentMediator PaymentMediator PaymentMediator PaymentMediator PaymentMediator

This class is used to submit payment requests.

PaymentMerchantInfo PaymentMerchantInfo PaymentMerchantInfo PaymentMerchantInfo PaymentMerchantInfo

A class that contains information about a payment merchant.

PaymentMethodData PaymentMethodData PaymentMethodData PaymentMethodData PaymentMethodData

A class containing data about a payment method. This class reflects the W3C PaymentMethodData dictionary.

PaymentOptions PaymentOptions PaymentOptions PaymentOptions PaymentOptions

A class containing payment options. This class reflects the W3C PaymentOptions dictionary.

PaymentRequest PaymentRequest PaymentRequest PaymentRequest PaymentRequest

A class that contains information about a payment request. This class is reflects the W3C PaymentRequest interface.

PaymentRequestChangedArgs PaymentRequestChangedArgs PaymentRequestChangedArgs PaymentRequestChangedArgs PaymentRequestChangedArgs

A class containing arguments from the PaymentRequestChanged delegate.

PaymentRequestChangedResult PaymentRequestChangedResult PaymentRequestChangedResult PaymentRequestChangedResult PaymentRequestChangedResult

The result of the payment changed payment request.

PaymentRequestSubmitResult PaymentRequestSubmitResult PaymentRequestSubmitResult PaymentRequestSubmitResult PaymentRequestSubmitResult

A class containing the payment request submission result.

PaymentResponse PaymentResponse PaymentResponse PaymentResponse PaymentResponse

A class that contains the payment response. This class reflects the W3C PaymentResponse interface.

PaymentShippingOption PaymentShippingOption PaymentShippingOption PaymentShippingOption PaymentShippingOption

A class that contains information about a shipping option. This class reflects the W3C PaymentShippingOption dictionary.

PaymentToken PaymentToken PaymentToken PaymentToken PaymentToken

A class containing details about a payment token.


PaymentCanMakePaymentResultStatus PaymentCanMakePaymentResultStatus PaymentCanMakePaymentResultStatus PaymentCanMakePaymentResultStatus PaymentCanMakePaymentResultStatus

This enumeration represents the result of querying whether a payment can be made.

PaymentOptionPresence PaymentOptionPresence PaymentOptionPresence PaymentOptionPresence PaymentOptionPresence

An enumeration that indicates whether the option is required or optional.

PaymentRequestChangeKind PaymentRequestChangeKind PaymentRequestChangeKind PaymentRequestChangeKind PaymentRequestChangeKind

An enumeration indicating what was changed in the payment request.

PaymentRequestCompletionStatus PaymentRequestCompletionStatus PaymentRequestCompletionStatus PaymentRequestCompletionStatus PaymentRequestCompletionStatus

An enumeration that describes whether or not the transaction completed successfully.

PaymentRequestStatus PaymentRequestStatus PaymentRequestStatus PaymentRequestStatus PaymentRequestStatus

An enumeration that describes whether the user successfully accepted the payment request. See PaymentRequestSubmitResult.

PaymentShippingType PaymentShippingType PaymentShippingType PaymentShippingType PaymentShippingType

An enumeration that describes the shipping type.


PaymentRequestChangedHandler PaymentRequestChangedHandler PaymentRequestChangedHandler PaymentRequestChangedHandler PaymentRequestChangedHandler

A handler that is triggered when a payment request has changed.