Windows.ApplicationModel.Preview.Notes Windows.ApplicationModel.Preview.Notes Windows.ApplicationModel.Preview.Notes Windows.ApplicationModel.Preview.Notes Namespace

Enables a note-taking app to implement a number of features for a faster and more effective note-taking experience in certain situations (see Remarks).


NotePlacementChangedPreviewEventArgs NotePlacementChangedPreviewEventArgs NotePlacementChangedPreviewEventArgs NotePlacementChangedPreviewEventArgs

Represents information about the NotePlacementChanged event.

NotesWindowManagerPreview NotesWindowManagerPreview NotesWindowManagerPreview NotesWindowManagerPreview

This class owns much of the functionality of the Preview Notes application feature (see Remarks).

NotesWindowManagerPreviewShowNoteOptions NotesWindowManagerPreviewShowNoteOptions NotesWindowManagerPreviewShowNoteOptions NotesWindowManagerPreviewShowNoteOptions

Provides options for how to show a note.

NoteVisibilityChangedPreviewEventArgs NoteVisibilityChangedPreviewEventArgs NoteVisibilityChangedPreviewEventArgs NoteVisibilityChangedPreviewEventArgs

Represents information about the NoteVisibilityChanged event.


The Preview Notes feature allows a Universal Windows app to utilize the Windows Ink Workspace in order to provide a tailored note-taking experience on desktop devices. Apps that are recognized as such will operate with a number of behavioral changes meant to make the note-taking process faster and more convenient. For example, note-taking apps will open without a splash screen, will appear in the "Sticky Notes" section of the Windows Ink Workspace, will have their own configurable view-switching mechanism, and can display notes on a locked screen.