ResourceContext.Languages Property


Gets or sets the language qualifier for this context.

 property IVectorView<Platform::String ^> ^ Languages { IVectorView<Platform::String ^> ^ get(); void set(IVectorView<Platform::String ^> ^ value); };
IVectorView<winrt::hstring> Languages();

void Languages(IVectorView<winrt::hstring> languages);
public IReadOnlyList<string> Languages { get; set; }
var iVectorView = resourceContext.languages;
resourceContext.languages = iVectorView;
Public Property Languages As IReadOnlyList(Of String)

Property Value



A collection of BCP-47 language tags.


The language qualifier is a list of valid BCP-47 tags. The default value for the language qualifier is drawn from the app-specific language setting and the user language profile.

The language qualifier value is represented as a string containing a semicolon-delimited list. The Languages property wraps it in a container for convenience.


This property yields the same values as the language list exposed by Windows.Globalization.ApplicationLanguages.Languages.

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