IXmlText IXmlText IXmlText IXmlText IXmlText Interface


Represents the text content of an element or attribute.

public : interface IXmlText : IXmlCharacterData, IXmlNode, IXmlNodeSelector, IXmlNodeSerializer
struct winrt::Windows::Data::Xml::Dom::IXmlText : IXmlCharacterData, IXmlNode, IXmlNodeSelector, IXmlNodeSerializer
public interface IXmlText : IXmlCharacterData, IXmlNode, IXmlNodeSelector, IXmlNodeSerializer
Public Interface IXmlText Implements IXmlCharacterData, IXmlNode, IXmlNodeSelector, IXmlNodeSerializer
// You can't instantiate an interface directly in JavaScript. You can use objects that implement the interface, however.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Interface inheritance

IXmlText inherits IXmlCharacterData, IXmlNode, IXmlNodeSelector, and IXmlNodeSerializer. Types that implement IXmlText also implement the interface members of IXmlCharacterData, IXmlNode, IXmlNodeSelector, and IXmlNodeSerializer.


AppendChild(IXmlNode) AppendChild(IXmlNode) AppendChild(IXmlNode) AppendChild(IXmlNode) AppendChild(IXmlNode)

Appends a new child node as the last child of the node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
AppendData(String) AppendData(String) AppendData(String) AppendData(String) AppendData(String)

Appends the supplied string to the existing string data.

(Inherited from IXmlCharacterData)
CloneNode(Boolean) CloneNode(Boolean) CloneNode(Boolean) CloneNode(Boolean) CloneNode(Boolean)

Clones a new node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
DeleteData(UInt32,UInt32) DeleteData(UInt32,UInt32) DeleteData(UInt32,UInt32) DeleteData(UInt32,UInt32) DeleteData(UInt32,UInt32)

Deletes specified data.

(Inherited from IXmlCharacterData)
GetXml GetXml GetXml GetXml GetXml

Returns the XML representation of the node and all its descendants.

(Inherited from IXmlNodeSerializer)
HasChildNodes HasChildNodes HasChildNodes HasChildNodes HasChildNodes

Determines whether a node has children.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
InsertBefore(IXmlNode,IXmlNode) InsertBefore(IXmlNode,IXmlNode) InsertBefore(IXmlNode,IXmlNode) InsertBefore(IXmlNode,IXmlNode) InsertBefore(IXmlNode,IXmlNode)

Inserts a child node to the left of the specified node, or at the end of the list.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
InsertData(UInt32,String) InsertData(UInt32,String) InsertData(UInt32,String) InsertData(UInt32,String) InsertData(UInt32,String)

Inserts a string at the specified offset.

(Inherited from IXmlCharacterData)
Normalize Normalize Normalize Normalize Normalize

Normalizes all descendant elements by combining two or more adjacent text nodes into one unified text node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
RemoveChild(IXmlNode) RemoveChild(IXmlNode) RemoveChild(IXmlNode) RemoveChild(IXmlNode) RemoveChild(IXmlNode)

Removes the specified child node from the list of children and returns it.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
ReplaceChild(IXmlNode,IXmlNode) ReplaceChild(IXmlNode,IXmlNode) ReplaceChild(IXmlNode,IXmlNode) ReplaceChild(IXmlNode,IXmlNode) ReplaceChild(IXmlNode,IXmlNode)

Replaces the specified old child node with the supplied new child node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
ReplaceData(UInt32,UInt32,String) ReplaceData(UInt32,UInt32,String) ReplaceData(UInt32,UInt32,String) ReplaceData(UInt32,UInt32,String) ReplaceData(UInt32,UInt32,String)

Replaces the specified number of characters with the supplied string.

(Inherited from IXmlCharacterData)
SelectNodes(String) SelectNodes(String) SelectNodes(String) SelectNodes(String) SelectNodes(String)

Applies the specified pattern-matching operation to this node's context and returns the list of matching nodes as an XmlNodeList.

(Inherited from IXmlNodeSelector)
SelectNodesNS(String,Object) SelectNodesNS(String,Object) SelectNodesNS(String,Object) SelectNodesNS(String,Object) SelectNodesNS(String,Object)

Applies the specified pattern-matching operation to this node's context and returns the list of matching nodes as an XmlNodeList.

(Inherited from IXmlNodeSelector)
SelectSingleNode(String) SelectSingleNode(String) SelectSingleNode(String) SelectSingleNode(String) SelectSingleNode(String)

Applies the specified pattern-matching operation to this node's context and returns the first matching node.

(Inherited from IXmlNodeSelector)
SelectSingleNodeNS(String,Object) SelectSingleNodeNS(String,Object) SelectSingleNodeNS(String,Object) SelectSingleNodeNS(String,Object) SelectSingleNodeNS(String,Object)

Applies the specified pattern-matching operation to this node's context and returns the first matching node.

(Inherited from IXmlNodeSelector)
SplitText(UInt32) SplitText(UInt32) SplitText(UInt32) SplitText(UInt32) SplitText(UInt32)

Splits this text node into two text nodes at the specified offset and inserts the new text node into the tree as a sibling that immediately follows this node.

SubstringData(UInt32,UInt32) SubstringData(UInt32,UInt32) SubstringData(UInt32,UInt32) SubstringData(UInt32,UInt32) SubstringData(UInt32,UInt32)

Retrieves a substring of the full string from the specified range.

(Inherited from IXmlCharacterData)


Attributes Attributes Attributes Attributes Attributes

Gets the list of attributes of this node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
ChildNodes ChildNodes ChildNodes ChildNodes ChildNodes

Gets a list of children in the current node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
Data Data Data Data Data

Gets or sets the node data depending on the node type.

(Inherited from Windows.Xml.Dom.IXmlCharacterData.Data)
FirstChild FirstChild FirstChild FirstChild FirstChild

Gets the first child node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
InnerText InnerText InnerText InnerText InnerText

Gets and sets the text from inside the XML.

(Inherited from IXmlNodeSerializer)
LastChild LastChild LastChild LastChild LastChild

Gets the last child node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
Length Length Length Length Length

Gets the length of the data, in Unicode characters.

(Inherited from IXmlCharacterData)
LocalName LocalName LocalName LocalName LocalName

Gets the local name, which is the local part of a qualified name. This is called the local part in Namespaces in XML.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
NamespaceUri NamespaceUri NamespaceUri NamespaceUri NamespaceUri

Returns the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the namespace.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
NextSibling NextSibling NextSibling NextSibling NextSibling

Gets the next sibling of the node in the parent's child list.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
NodeName NodeName NodeName NodeName NodeName

Returns the qualified name for attribute, document type, element, entity, or notation nodes. Returns a fixed string for all other node types.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
NodeType NodeType NodeType NodeType NodeType

Gets the XML Document Object Model (DOM) node type, which determines valid values and whether the node can have child nodes.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
NodeValue NodeValue NodeValue NodeValue NodeValue

Gets or sets the text associated with the node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
OwnerDocument OwnerDocument OwnerDocument OwnerDocument OwnerDocument

Returns the root of the document that contains the node.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
ParentNode ParentNode ParentNode ParentNode ParentNode

Gets the parent node of the node instance.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
Prefix Prefix Prefix Prefix Prefix

Gets or sets the namespace prefix.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)
PreviousSibling PreviousSibling PreviousSibling PreviousSibling PreviousSibling

Gets the previous sibling of the node in the parent's child list.

(Inherited from IXmlNode)

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