AllJoynBusAttachment AllJoynBusAttachment AllJoynBusAttachment AllJoynBusAttachment AllJoynBusAttachment Class


Represents a connection to the underlying communication pipeline (transport agnostic) that AllJoyn uses to communicate with other endpoints regardless of the transport.

public : sealed class AllJoynBusAttachment
struct winrt::Windows::Devices::AllJoyn::AllJoynBusAttachment
public sealed class AllJoynBusAttachment
Public NotInheritable Class AllJoynBusAttachment
var allJoynBusAttachment = new allJoynBusAttachment(connectionSpecification);

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1607 14393 AcceptSessionJoinerRequested
1607 14393 GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo)
1607 14393 GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo,Language)
1607 14393 GetDefault
1607 14393 GetWatcher
1607 14393 SessionJoined


AllJoynBusAttachment() AllJoynBusAttachment() AllJoynBusAttachment() AllJoynBusAttachment() AllJoynBusAttachment()

Generates an AllJoynBusAttachment object using the default named pipe connection specification.

AllJoynBusAttachment(String) AllJoynBusAttachment(String) AllJoynBusAttachment(String) AllJoynBusAttachment(String) AllJoynBusAttachment(String)

Generates an AllJoynBusAttachment object using the provided connection specification.


AboutData AboutData AboutData AboutData AboutData

This property returns an AllJoynAboutData object containing the descriptive data that the platform may advertise on behalf of the app.

AuthenticationMechanisms AuthenticationMechanisms AuthenticationMechanisms AuthenticationMechanisms AuthenticationMechanisms

A list of AllJoynAuthenticationMechanism objects representing the acceptable authentication mechanisms. Default values include Rsa and None.

ConnectionSpecification ConnectionSpecification ConnectionSpecification ConnectionSpecification ConnectionSpecification

The connection specification used to establish and maintain the bus attachment. If a specification was not provided, this property will retrieve a default named pipe specification.

State State State State State

The current state of the bus attachment. State changes are surfaced via StateChanged events. Possible values are defined by the AllJoynBusAttachmentState enumeration.

UniqueName UniqueName UniqueName UniqueName UniqueName

The unique bus name associated with the remote app. This unique bus name is used to represent it on the bus via the bus attachment.


Connect() Connect() Connect() Connect() Connect()

Initiates the connection.

Disconnect() Disconnect() Disconnect() Disconnect() Disconnect()

Initiates a disconnect operation from the router node (bus).

GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo) GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo) GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo) GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo) GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo)

Gets the About data for a specific AllJoyn endpoint. This method is intended to replace the less intuitive static AllJoynAboutDataView.GetDataBySessionPortAsync().

GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo, Language) GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo, Language) GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo, Language) GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo, Language) GetAboutDataAsync(AllJoynServiceInfo, Language)

Gets the About data for a specific AllJoyn endpoint in a specific language. This method is intended to replace the less intuitive static AllJoynAboutDataView.GetDataBySessionPortAsync().

GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault() GetDefault()

Gets the default AllJoynBusAttachment as defined by the app's manifest.

GetWatcher(IIterable<String>) GetWatcher(IIterable<String>) GetWatcher(IIterable<String>) GetWatcher(IIterable<String>) GetWatcher(IIterable<String>)

Creates a DeviceWatcher that yields AllJoyn bus objects that implement the entire set of interfaces.

PingAsync(String) PingAsync(String) PingAsync(String) PingAsync(String) PingAsync(String)

Pings the specified connection asynchronously.


AcceptSessionJoinerRequested AcceptSessionJoinerRequested AcceptSessionJoinerRequested AcceptSessionJoinerRequested AcceptSessionJoinerRequested

Occurs when a remote AllJoyn endpoint requests to join the bus attachement's session.

AuthenticationComplete AuthenticationComplete AuthenticationComplete AuthenticationComplete AuthenticationComplete

Occurs when verification of supplied credentials is complete.

CredentialsRequested CredentialsRequested CredentialsRequested CredentialsRequested CredentialsRequested

Occurs when credentials are requested for authentication.

CredentialsVerificationRequested CredentialsVerificationRequested CredentialsVerificationRequested CredentialsVerificationRequested CredentialsVerificationRequested

Occurs when credentials have been provided by a remote Consumer for verification.

SessionJoined SessionJoined SessionJoined SessionJoined SessionJoined

Occurs when a remote AllJoyn endpoint joins the session of the bus attachment.

StateChanged StateChanged StateChanged StateChanged StateChanged

Occurs when the state of the bus attachment changes. The AllJoynBusAttachmentState enumeration defines the possible state values.