BluetoothMinorClass Enum


Indicates the Minor Class code of the device. These are interpreted in the context of the Major Class codes.

public enum class BluetoothMinorClass
enum BluetoothMinorClass
[Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ContractVersion(typeof(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract), 65536)]
public enum BluetoothMinorClass
var value = Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.BluetoothMinorClass.uncategorized
Public Enum BluetoothMinorClass

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced in 10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced in v1.0)
App capabilities


AudioVideoCamcorder 13

A camcorder.

AudioVideoCarAudio 8

A car audio device.

AudioVideoGamingOrToy 18

A gaming console or toy.

AudioVideoHandsFree 2

A hands-free device.

AudioVideoHeadphones 6


AudioVideoHifiAudioDevice 10

A HiFi audio device.

AudioVideoLoudspeaker 5

A loudspeaker.

AudioVideoMicrophone 4

A microphone.

AudioVideoPortableAudio 7

Portable audio device.

AudioVideoSetTopBox 9

A set-top box.

AudioVideoVcr 11


AudioVideoVideoCamera 12

A video camera.

AudioVideoVideoConferencing 16

A video conferencing device.

AudioVideoVideoDisplayAndLoudspeaker 15

A video display and loudspeaker.

AudioVideoVideoMonitor 14

A video monitor.

AudioVideoWearableHeadset 1

A wearable headset device.

ComputerDesktop 1

A computer desktop.

ComputerHandheld 4

A handheld PC/PDA.

ComputerLaptop 3

A laptop computer.

ComputerPalmSize 5

A palm-sized PC/PDA.

ComputerServer 2

A computer server.

ComputerTablet 7

A tablet computer.

ComputerWearable 6

A wearable, watch-sized, computer.

HealthAnkleProsthesis 13

An ankle prosthesis.

HealthBloodPressureMonitor 1

A blood pressure monitor.

HealthBodyCompositionAnalyzer 9

A body composition analyzer.

HealthGenericHealthManager 14

A generic health manager.

HealthGlucoseMeter 4

A glucose meter.

HealthHealthDataDisplay 7

A health data display.

HealthHeartRateMonitor 6

A heart rate or pulse monitor.

HealthKneeProsthesis 12

A knee prosthesis.

HealthMedicationMonitor 11

A medication monitor.

HealthPeakFlowMonitor 10

A peak flow monitor.

HealthPersonalMobilityDevice 15

A personal mobility device.

HealthPulseOximeter 5

A pulse oximeter.

HealthStepCounter 8

A step counter.

HealthThermometer 2

A thermometer.

HealthWeighingScale 3

A weighing scale.

NetworkFullyAvailable 0

Fully available.

NetworkNoServiceAvailable 56

Network service is not available.

NetworkUsed01To17Percent 8

1% to 17% utilized.

NetworkUsed17To33Percent 16

17% to 33% utilized.

NetworkUsed33To50Percent 24

335 to 50% utilized.

NetworkUsed50To67Percent 32

50% to 67% utilized.

NetworkUsed67To83Percent 40

67% to 83% utilized.

NetworkUsed83To99Percent 48

83% to 99% utilized.

PeripheralCardReader 6

A card reader.

PeripheralDigitalPen 7

A digital pen.

PeripheralDigitizerTablet 5

A digitizer tablet.

PeripheralGamepad 2

A gamepad.

PeripheralHandheldGesture 9

A handheld gesture input device, such as a "wand" form factor device.

PeripheralHandheldScanner 8

A handheld scanner for bar codes, RFID, etc

PeripheralJoystick 1

A joystick.

PeripheralRemoteControl 3

A remote control.

PeripheralSensing 4

A sensing device.

PhoneCellular 1

A cell phone.

PhoneCordless 2

A cordless phone.

PhoneIsdn 5

Common ISDN access.

PhoneSmartPhone 3

A smartphone.

PhoneWired 4

A wired modem or voice gateway.

ToyController 4

A controller.

ToyDoll 3

A doll or action figure.

ToyGame 5

A game.

ToyRobot 1

A robot.

ToyVehicle 2

A vehicle.

Uncategorized 0

Use when a Minor Class code has not been assigned.

WearableGlasses 5


WearableHelmet 4

A helmet.

WearableJacket 3

A jacket.

WearablePager 2

A pager.

WearableWristwatch 1

A wristwatch.

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