Windows.Devices.Gpio.Provider Windows.Devices.Gpio.Provider Windows.Devices.Gpio.Provider Windows.Devices.Gpio.Provider Windows.Devices.Gpio.Provider Namespace

This API exposes a provider interface, and associated classes for you to implement for a specific controller. The GPIO API needs a GPIO provider implementation to talk to the GPIO controller.


For info about GPIO providers, and the IGpioProvider interface, see Bus providers.

For code examples, see the GpioDeviceProvider.h and GpioDeviceProvider.cpp source code files in the Microsoft.IoT.Lightning GitHub repo. For more code examples, see the Arduino and SimulatedProvider folders in the BusProviders GitHub repo.


GpioPinProviderValueChangedEventArgs GpioPinProviderValueChangedEventArgs GpioPinProviderValueChangedEventArgs GpioPinProviderValueChangedEventArgs GpioPinProviderValueChangedEventArgs

Provides information about the IGpioPinProvider.ValueChanged event.


IGpioControllerProvider IGpioControllerProvider IGpioControllerProvider IGpioControllerProvider IGpioControllerProvider

Represents the actions common to all general-purpose I/O (GPIO) controllers.

IGpioPinProvider IGpioPinProvider IGpioPinProvider IGpioPinProvider IGpioPinProvider

Represents actions common to general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pin providers.

IGpioProvider IGpioProvider IGpioProvider IGpioProvider IGpioProvider

Represents actions common to general-purpose I/O (GPIO) controller providers.


ProviderGpioPinDriveMode ProviderGpioPinDriveMode ProviderGpioPinDriveMode ProviderGpioPinDriveMode ProviderGpioPinDriveMode

Describes whether a general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pin is configured as an input or an output, and how values are driven onto the pin.

ProviderGpioPinEdge ProviderGpioPinEdge ProviderGpioPinEdge ProviderGpioPinEdge ProviderGpioPinEdge

Describes the possible types of change that can occur to the value of the general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pin.

ProviderGpioPinValue ProviderGpioPinValue ProviderGpioPinValue ProviderGpioPinValue ProviderGpioPinValue

Describes the possible values for a general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pin.

ProviderGpioSharingMode ProviderGpioSharingMode ProviderGpioSharingMode ProviderGpioSharingMode ProviderGpioSharingMode

Describes the modes in which you can open a general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pin. These modes determine whether other connections to the GPIO pin can be opened while you have the pin open.