Windows.​Devices.​Haptics Windows.​Devices.​Haptics Windows.​Devices.​Haptics Namespace

Provides support for basic, non-directional haptic feedback such as clicks, buzzes, and rumbles that can be tuned through characteristics such as intensity and timing.


KnownSimpleHapticsControllerWaveforms KnownSimpleHapticsControllerWaveforms KnownSimpleHapticsControllerWaveforms

Provides a set of well-known haptic waveform types (based on the Haptic Usage Page HID specification.

SimpleHapticsController SimpleHapticsController SimpleHapticsController

Provides access to a single haptic input device.

SimpleHapticsControllerFeedback SimpleHapticsControllerFeedback SimpleHapticsControllerFeedback

Provides access to the feedback behaviors supported by the haptic input device.

VibrationDevice VibrationDevice VibrationDevice

Provides access to a device that supports vibration notifications only.


VibrationAccessStatus VibrationAccessStatus VibrationAccessStatus

Specifies the access rights to the vibration device.