HidCollectionType HidCollectionType HidCollectionType HidCollectionType HidCollectionType Enum


Identifies the relationship that defines a grouping of controls on the device.

Collections are a way to group a set of controls that are similar to one another; or, are related by physical, or, operational proximity.

public : enum class HidCollectionType
enum class winrt::Windows::Devices::HumanInterfaceDevice::HidCollectionType : int32_t
public enum HidCollectionType
Public Enum HidCollectionType
var value = Windows.Devices.HumanInterfaceDevice.HidCollectionType.application;

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Application Application Application Application Application 1

The controls are related by intended application.

Logical Logical Logical Logical Logical 2

The controls are logically related.

NamedArray NamedArray NamedArray NamedArray NamedArray 4

The controls are related by a named array.

Other Other Other Other Other 7

The control relationship is not described by a defined category.

Physical Physical Physical Physical Physical 0

The controls are related by physical source.

Report Report Report Report Report 3

The controls are related by report type.

UsageModifier UsageModifier UsageModifier UsageModifier UsageModifier 6

The controls are related by a usage modifier.

UsageSwitch UsageSwitch UsageSwitch UsageSwitch UsageSwitch 5

The controls are related by a usage switch.

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