LampArrayEffectPlaylist LampArrayEffectPlaylist LampArrayEffectPlaylist LampArrayEffectPlaylist LampArrayEffectPlaylist Class


Used to either chain multiple effects together, or to start effects simultaneously.

public : sealed class LampArrayEffectPlaylist
struct winrt::Windows::Devices::Lights::Effects::LampArrayEffectPlaylist
public sealed class LampArrayEffectPlaylist
Public NotInheritable Class LampArrayEffectPlaylist
var lampArrayEffectPlaylist = new lampArrayEffectPlaylist();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10, version 1809 (introduced v10.0.17763.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v7)


Before you can play an effect, you must append it to a LampArrayEffectPlaylist (see Append ).


LampArrayEffectPlaylist() LampArrayEffectPlaylist() LampArrayEffectPlaylist() LampArrayEffectPlaylist() LampArrayEffectPlaylist()

Creates and initializes a new instance of a playlist.


EffectStartMode EffectStartMode EffectStartMode EffectStartMode EffectStartMode

Gets or sets the starting behavior for the effects.

Occurrences Occurrences Occurrences Occurrences Occurrences

Gets or sets the number of occurrences that this playlist will play.

RepetitionMode RepetitionMode RepetitionMode RepetitionMode RepetitionMode

Gets or sets the repetition behavior for playlist.

Size Size Size Size Size

Gets the size of (the number of elements in) the playlist.


Append(ILampArrayEffect) Append(ILampArrayEffect) Append(ILampArrayEffect) Append(ILampArrayEffect) Append(ILampArrayEffect)

Appends the effect to the end of the playlist.

First() First() First() First() First()

Retrieves an iterator representing the first item in a lamp array effect playlist.

GetAt(UInt32) GetAt(UInt32) GetAt(UInt32) GetAt(UInt32) GetAt(UInt32)

Retrieves the lamp array effect at the specified index within a playlist.

GetMany(UInt32, ILampArrayEffect[]) GetMany(UInt32, ILampArrayEffect[]) GetMany(UInt32, ILampArrayEffect[]) GetMany(UInt32, ILampArrayEffect[]) GetMany(UInt32, ILampArrayEffect[])

Retrieves a range of lamp array effects, beginning at the specified index within a playlist.

IndexOf(ILampArrayEffect, UInt32) IndexOf(ILampArrayEffect, UInt32) IndexOf(ILampArrayEffect, UInt32) IndexOf(ILampArrayEffect, UInt32) IndexOf(ILampArrayEffect, UInt32)

Retrieves the index, within a playlist, of the specified lamp array effect.

OverrideZIndex(Int32) OverrideZIndex(Int32) OverrideZIndex(Int32) OverrideZIndex(Int32) OverrideZIndex(Int32)

Overrides the zIndex for all contained effects.

Pause() Pause() Pause() Pause() Pause()

Pauses the playlist, and persists the last state set by the internally playing effect.

PauseAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) PauseAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) PauseAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) PauseAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) PauseAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>)

Guarantees that all playlists will pause at the same time.

Start() Start() Start() Start() Start()

Starts this playlist from the beginning, unless it was previously paused, which will then resuming playing from the paused position.

StartAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) StartAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) StartAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) StartAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) StartAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>)

Guarantees that all playlists will start at the same time.

Stop() Stop() Stop() Stop() Stop()

Stops playing this playlist.

StopAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) StopAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) StopAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) StopAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>) StopAll(IIterable<LampArrayEffectPlaylist>)

Guarantees that all playlists will stop at the same time.