BarcodeSymbologies BarcodeSymbologies BarcodeSymbologies BarcodeSymbologies BarcodeSymbologies Class


Contains the barcode symbology.

public : static class BarcodeSymbologies
static struct winrt::Windows::Devices::PointOfService::BarcodeSymbologies
public static class BarcodeSymbologies
Public Shared Class BarcodeSymbologies
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


This is a static class that contains the barcode symbologies.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1703 15063 Gs1DWCode


AusPost AusPost AusPost AusPost AusPost

Gets the Australia Postal barcode symbology.

Aztec Aztec Aztec Aztec Aztec

Gets the Aztec barcode symbology.

CanPost CanPost CanPost CanPost CanPost

Gets the Canada Postal barcode symbology.

Ccab Ccab Ccab Ccab Ccab

Gets the Composite Component A or B barcode symbology.

Ccc Ccc Ccc Ccc Ccc

Gets the Composite Component-C barcode symbology.

ChinaPost ChinaPost ChinaPost ChinaPost ChinaPost

Gets the China Postal barcode symbology.

Codabar Codabar Codabar Codabar Codabar

Gets the Codabar barcode symbology.

Codablock128 Codablock128 Codablock128 Codablock128 Codablock128

Gets the Codablock 128 barcode symbology.

CodablockA CodablockA CodablockA CodablockA CodablockA

Gets the Codablock A barcode symbology.

CodablockF CodablockF CodablockF CodablockF CodablockF

Gets the Codablock F barcode symbology.

Code11 Code11 Code11 Code11 Code11

Gets the Code 11 barcode symbology.

Code128 Code128 Code128 Code128 Code128

Gets the Code 128 barcode symbology.

Code16k Code16k Code16k Code16k Code16k

Gets the Code 16k barcode symbology.

Code32 Code32 Code32 Code32 Code32

Gets the Code 32 barcode symbology.

Code39 Code39 Code39 Code39 Code39

Gets the Code 39 barcode symbology.

Code39Ex Code39Ex Code39Ex Code39Ex Code39Ex

Gets the Code 39 Extended barcode symbology.

Code49 Code49 Code49 Code49 Code49

Gets the Code 49 barcode symbology.

Code93 Code93 Code93 Code93 Code93

Gets the Code 93 barcode symbology.

Code93Ex Code93Ex Code93Ex Code93Ex Code93Ex

Gets the Code 93 Extended barcode symbology.

DataCode DataCode DataCode DataCode DataCode

Gets the Data Code barcode symbology.

DataMatrix DataMatrix DataMatrix DataMatrix DataMatrix

Gets the Data Matric barcode symbology.

DutchKix DutchKix DutchKix DutchKix DutchKix

Gets the Dutch Postal barcode symbology.

Ean13 Ean13 Ean13 Ean13 Ean13

Gets the EAN (European Article Number) 13 barcode symbology.

Ean13Add2 Ean13Add2 Ean13Add2 Ean13Add2 Ean13Add2

Gets the EAN 13 with 2 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Ean13Add5 Ean13Add5 Ean13Add5 Ean13Add5 Ean13Add5

Gets the EAN 13 with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Ean8 Ean8 Ean8 Ean8 Ean8

Gets the EAN 8 barcode symbology.

Ean8Add2 Ean8Add2 Ean8Add2 Ean8Add2 Ean8Add2

Gets the EAN 8 with 2 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Ean8Add5 Ean8Add5 Ean8Add5 Ean8Add5 Ean8Add5

Gets the EAN 8 with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Ean99 Ean99 Ean99 Ean99 Ean99

Gets the EAN 99 barcode symbology.

Ean99Add2 Ean99Add2 Ean99Add2 Ean99Add2 Ean99Add2

Gets the EAN 99 with 2 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Ean99Add5 Ean99Add5 Ean99Add5 Ean99Add5 Ean99Add5

Gets the EAN 99 with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Eanv Eanv Eanv Eanv Eanv

Gets the EAN Velocity barcode symbology.

EanvAdd2 EanvAdd2 EanvAdd2 EanvAdd2 EanvAdd2

Gets the EAN Velocity with 2 digit supplement barcode symbology.

EanvAdd5 EanvAdd5 EanvAdd5 EanvAdd5 EanvAdd5

Gets the EAN Velocity with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

ExtendedBase ExtendedBase ExtendedBase ExtendedBase ExtendedBase

Gets the first possible OEM defined barcode symbology when the symbology type is not included in the current list.

Gs1128 Gs1128 Gs1128 Gs1128 Gs1128

Gets the GS1 128 shipping container barcode symbology.

Gs1128Coupon Gs1128Coupon Gs1128Coupon Gs1128Coupon Gs1128Coupon

Gets the GS1 128 Coupon barcode symbology.

Gs1DatabarType1 Gs1DatabarType1 Gs1DatabarType1 Gs1DatabarType1 Gs1DatabarType1

Gets the GS1 Databar Omnidirectional, GS1 Databar Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1 Databar Stacked, or GS1 Databar Truncated barcode symbology.

Gs1DatabarType2 Gs1DatabarType2 Gs1DatabarType2 Gs1DatabarType2 Gs1DatabarType2

Gets the GS1 DataBar Limited or RSS Limited barcode symbology.

Gs1DatabarType3 Gs1DatabarType3 Gs1DatabarType3 Gs1DatabarType3 Gs1DatabarType3

Gets the GS1 Databar Expanded, GS1 Databar Expanded Stacked, or RSS Expanded barcode symbology.

Gs1DWCode Gs1DWCode Gs1DWCode Gs1DWCode Gs1DWCode

Gets the GS1DWCode barcode symbology.

HanXin HanXin HanXin HanXin HanXin

Gets the Han Xin barcode symbology.

InfoMail InfoMail InfoMail InfoMail InfoMail

Gets the InfoMail barcode symbology.

Isbn Isbn Isbn Isbn Isbn

Gets the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), also known as Bookland or Bookland EAN, barcode symbology.

IsbnAdd5 IsbnAdd5 IsbnAdd5 IsbnAdd5 IsbnAdd5

Gets the ISBN with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Isbt Isbt Isbt Isbt Isbt

Gets the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) 128 barcode symbology.

Ismn Ismn Ismn Ismn Ismn

Gets the International Standard Music Number (ISMN) barcode symbology.

IsmnAdd2 IsmnAdd2 IsmnAdd2 IsmnAdd2 IsmnAdd2

Gets the ISMN with 2 digit supplement barcode symbology.

IsmnAdd5 IsmnAdd5 IsmnAdd5 IsmnAdd5 IsmnAdd5

Gets the ISMN with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Issn Issn Issn Issn Issn

Gets the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) barcode symbology.

IssnAdd2 IssnAdd2 IssnAdd2 IssnAdd2 IssnAdd2

Gets the ISSN with 2 digit supplement barcode symbology.

IssnAdd5 IssnAdd5 IssnAdd5 IssnAdd5 IssnAdd5

Gets the ISSN with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

ItalianPost25 ItalianPost25 ItalianPost25 ItalianPost25 ItalianPost25

Gets the Italian Post 25 barcode symbology.

ItalianPost39 ItalianPost39 ItalianPost39 ItalianPost39 ItalianPost39

Gets the Italian Post 39 barcode symbology.

JapanPost JapanPost JapanPost JapanPost JapanPost

Gets the Japan Postal barcode symbology.

KoreanPost KoreanPost KoreanPost KoreanPost KoreanPost

Gets the Korea Postal barcode symbology.

Maxicode Maxicode Maxicode Maxicode Maxicode

Gets the MaxiCode barcode symbology.

Micr Micr Micr Micr Micr

Gets the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) barcode symbology.

MicroPdf417 MicroPdf417 MicroPdf417 MicroPdf417 MicroPdf417

Gets the Micro PDF 417 barcode symbology.

MicroQr MicroQr MicroQr MicroQr MicroQr

Gets the Micro QR Code barcode symbology.

Msi Msi Msi Msi Msi

Gets the MSI barcode symbology.

MsTag MsTag MsTag MsTag MsTag

Gets the Microsoft tag barcode symbology.

OcrA OcrA OcrA OcrA OcrA

Gets the OCR-A barcode symbology.

OcrB OcrB OcrB OcrB OcrB

Gets the OCR-B barcode symbology.

Pdf417 Pdf417 Pdf417 Pdf417 Pdf417

Gets the PDF 417 barcode symbology.

Plessey Plessey Plessey Plessey Plessey

Gets the Plessey barcode symbology.

Pzn Pzn Pzn Pzn Pzn

Gets the Pharma-Zentral-Nummer (Pzn) barcode symbology.

Qr Qr Qr Qr Qr

Gets the Quick Response (QR) Code barcode symbology.

Sisac Sisac Sisac Sisac Sisac

Gets the Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee (SISAC) barcode symbology.

SwedenPost SwedenPost SwedenPost SwedenPost SwedenPost

Gets the Sweden Postal barcode symbology.

Telepen Telepen Telepen Telepen Telepen

Gets the Telepen barcode symbology.

TfDis TfDis TfDis TfDis TfDis

Gets the Discreet 2 of 5 barcode symbology.

TfIata TfIata TfIata TfIata TfIata

Gets the 2 of 5 International Air Transportation Association (IATA) barcode symbology.

TfInd TfInd TfInd TfInd TfInd

Gets the Industrial 2 of 5 barcode symbology.

TfInt TfInt TfInt TfInt TfInt

Gets the Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode symbology.

TfMat TfMat TfMat TfMat TfMat

Gets the 2 of 5 Matrix barcode symbology.

TfStd TfStd TfStd TfStd TfStd

Gets the Standard 2 of 5 barcode symbology.

Tlc39 Tlc39 Tlc39 Tlc39 Tlc39

Gets the TLC 39 barcode symbology.

Trioptic39 Trioptic39 Trioptic39 Trioptic39 Trioptic39

Gets the Tri-Optic Media Storage Devices barcode symbology.

UccEan128 UccEan128 UccEan128 UccEan128 UccEan128

Gets the UCC/EAN 128 barcode symbology.

UkPost UkPost UkPost UkPost UkPost

Gets the UK Postal barcode symbology.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Unknown barcode symbology.

Upca Upca Upca Upca Upca

Gets the Universal Product Code (UPC) version A barcode symbology.

UpcaAdd2 UpcaAdd2 UpcaAdd2 UpcaAdd2 UpcaAdd2

Gets the UPC A with 2 digit supplemental barcode symbology.

UpcaAdd5 UpcaAdd5 UpcaAdd5 UpcaAdd5 UpcaAdd5

Gets the UPC A with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

UpcCoupon UpcCoupon UpcCoupon UpcCoupon UpcCoupon

Gets the UPC Coupon with supplemental barcode symbology.

Upce Upce Upce Upce Upce

Gets the Universal Product Code (UPC) version E barcode symbology.

UpceAdd2 UpceAdd2 UpceAdd2 UpceAdd2 UpceAdd2

Gets the UPC-E with 2 digit supplemnent barcode symbology.

UpceAdd5 UpceAdd5 UpceAdd5 UpceAdd5 UpceAdd5

Gets the UPC-E with 5 digit supplement barcode symbology.

Us4StateFics Us4StateFics Us4StateFics Us4StateFics Us4StateFics

Gets the United States Postal Service 4-State Flat Mail Identification Code Sort (FICS) barcode symbology.

UsIntelligent UsIntelligent UsIntelligent UsIntelligent UsIntelligent

Gets the United States Postal Service (USPS) Intelligent Mail barcode symbology.

UsIntelligentPkg UsIntelligentPkg UsIntelligentPkg UsIntelligentPkg UsIntelligentPkg

Gets the United States Postal Service (USPS) Intelligent Mail Package barcode symbology.

UsPlanet UsPlanet UsPlanet UsPlanet UsPlanet

Gets the United States Postal Service PLANET barcode symbology.

UsPostNet UsPostNet UsPostNet UsPostNet UsPostNet

Gets the United States Postal Numeric Encoding Technique (POSTNET) barcode symbology.


GetName(UInt32) GetName(UInt32) GetName(UInt32) GetName(UInt32) GetName(UInt32)

Returns the barcode symbology type as a string.