SerialDevice.ReadTimeout Property


Gets or sets the time-out value for a read operation.

 property TimeSpan ReadTimeout { TimeSpan get(); void set(TimeSpan value); };
TimeSpan ReadTimeout();

void ReadTimeout(TimeSpan value);
public System.TimeSpan ReadTimeout { get; set; }
var timeSpan = serialDevice.readTimeout;
serialDevice.readTimeout = timeSpan;
Public Property ReadTimeout As TimeSpan

Property Value


The span of time before a time-out occurs when a read operation does not finish.


The Windows Runtime APIs for serial devices thinly wrap the functionality of the corresponding Win32 APIs. So the meanings of the timeout values of the Win32 APIs also apply to SerialDevice.ReadTimeout. For specifics, including the meaning of the special value zero (0), see the SERIAL_TIMEOUTS structure, and Setting read and write timeouts for a serial device.

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