Windows.Devices.WiFi Windows.Devices.WiFi Windows.Devices.WiFi Windows.Devices.WiFi Windows.Devices.WiFi Namespace

Provides a means to scan for nearby WiFi access points, enumerate those that are found, and connect to an access point.

Note that you must specify that your app has the wiFiControl capability in order to use this API.


WiFiAdapter WiFiAdapter WiFiAdapter WiFiAdapter WiFiAdapter

Use this class to enumerate local Wi-Fi adapters, initiate Wi-Fi scans, enumerate scan results, and to connect or disconnect individual adapters.

WiFiAvailableNetwork WiFiAvailableNetwork WiFiAvailableNetwork WiFiAvailableNetwork WiFiAvailableNetwork

Describes an available Wi-Fi network.

WiFiConnectionResult WiFiConnectionResult WiFiConnectionResult WiFiConnectionResult WiFiConnectionResult

Describes the results of an attempt to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

WiFiNetworkReport WiFiNetworkReport WiFiNetworkReport WiFiNetworkReport WiFiNetworkReport

Contains the result of a network scan operation.

WiFiWpsConfigurationResult WiFiWpsConfigurationResult WiFiWpsConfigurationResult WiFiWpsConfigurationResult WiFiWpsConfigurationResult

Wifi configuration result returned by a call to GetWpsConfigurationAsync.


WiFiAccessStatus WiFiAccessStatus WiFiAccessStatus WiFiAccessStatus WiFiAccessStatus

Used to report the results of an attempt to request access to a Wi-Fi adapter.

WiFiConnectionMethod WiFiConnectionMethod WiFiConnectionMethod WiFiConnectionMethod WiFiConnectionMethod

Describes the kinds of connection methods.

WiFiConnectionStatus WiFiConnectionStatus WiFiConnectionStatus WiFiConnectionStatus WiFiConnectionStatus

Status of the connection attempt.

WiFiNetworkKind WiFiNetworkKind WiFiNetworkKind WiFiNetworkKind WiFiNetworkKind

Describes the kinds of Wi-Fi networks.

WiFiPhyKind WiFiPhyKind WiFiPhyKind WiFiPhyKind WiFiPhyKind

Describes PHY types supported by standard 802.11.

WiFiReconnectionKind WiFiReconnectionKind WiFiReconnectionKind WiFiReconnectionKind WiFiReconnectionKind

Describes whether to automatically reconnect to this network.

WiFiWpsConfigurationStatus WiFiWpsConfigurationStatus WiFiWpsConfigurationStatus WiFiWpsConfigurationStatus WiFiWpsConfigurationStatus

Describes the status of the GetWpsConfigurationAsync call.

WiFiWpsKind WiFiWpsKind WiFiWpsKind WiFiWpsKind WiFiWpsKind

Describes the kinds of WPS connection methods.

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