StringMap StringMap StringMap StringMap StringMap Class


An associative collection, also known as a map or a dictionary.

public : sealed class StringMap
struct winrt::Windows::Foundation::Collections::StringMap
public sealed class StringMap
Public NotInheritable Class StringMap
var stringMap = new stringMap();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.FoundationContract (introduced v1)


This class allows JavaScript to easily iterate over a collection for which strings are the only expected value for both keys and values.


StringMap() StringMap() StringMap() StringMap() StringMap()

Creates and initializes a new instance of the StringMap.


Size Size Size Size Size

Gets the number of items in the map.


Clear() Clear() Clear() Clear() Clear()

Removes all items from the map.

First() First() First() First() First()

Returns an iterator containing the items in the collection.

GetView() GetView() GetView() GetView() GetView()

Returns an immutable view of the map.

HasKey(String) HasKey(String) HasKey(String) HasKey(String) HasKey(String)

Determines whether the map contains the specified key.

Insert(String, String) Insert(String, String) Insert(String, String) Insert(String, String) Insert(String, String)

Inserts or replaces an item in the map.

Lookup(String) Lookup(String) Lookup(String) Lookup(String) Lookup(String)

Returns the item at the specified key in the map.

Remove(String) Remove(String) Remove(String) Remove(String) Remove(String)

Removes an item from the map.


MapChanged MapChanged MapChanged MapChanged MapChanged

Occurs when the contents of the map change.

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