Windows.Foundation.Numerics Windows.Foundation.Numerics Windows.Foundation.Numerics Windows.Foundation.Numerics Windows.Foundation.Numerics Namespace

Provides a set of graphics-oriented math types.

For C++ vector and matrix types in the Windows::Foundation::Numerics namespace, see windowsnumerics.h APIs.


Matrix3x2 Matrix3x2 Matrix3x2 Matrix3x2 Matrix3x2

Describes a 3*2 floating point matrix.

In C++, Matrix3x2 is projected as the float3x2 structure.

Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4

Describes a 4*4 floating point matrix.

In C++, Matrix4x4 is projected as the float4x4 structure.

Plane Plane Plane Plane Plane

Describes a plane (a flat, two-dimensional surface).

In C++, Plane is projected as the plane structure.

Quaternion Quaternion Quaternion Quaternion Quaternion

Describes a quaternion, which is an abstract representation of an orientation in space that is based on complex numbers.

In C++, Quaternion is projected as the quaternion structure.

Rational Rational Rational Rational Rational

Describes a number that can be created by the division of 2 integers.

Vector2 Vector2 Vector2 Vector2 Vector2

Describes a vector of two floating-point components.

In C++, Vector2 is projected as the float2 structure.

Vector3 Vector3 Vector3 Vector3 Vector3

Describes a vector of three floating-point components.

In C++, Vector3 is projected as the float3 structure.

Vector4 Vector4 Vector4 Vector4 Vector4

Describes a vector of four floating-point components.

In C++, Vector4 is projected as the float4 structure.


This namespace provides a standard set of graphics-oriented types that you can use between multiple Windows RuntimeAPI.

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