Windows.Gaming.Input Windows.Gaming.Input Windows.Gaming.Input Windows.Gaming.Input Windows.Gaming.Input Namespace

Provides access to game controller input for Windows applications.


ArcadeStick ArcadeStick ArcadeStick ArcadeStick ArcadeStick

Represents an arcade stick.

FlightStick FlightStick FlightStick FlightStick FlightStick

Represents a flight stick.

Gamepad Gamepad Gamepad Gamepad Gamepad

Represents a gamepad.

Headset Headset Headset Headset Headset

Contains information about an audio headset attached to a gamepad.

RacingWheel RacingWheel RacingWheel RacingWheel RacingWheel

Represents a racing wheel.

RawGameController RawGameController RawGameController RawGameController RawGameController

Represents any type of game controller.

UINavigationController UINavigationController UINavigationController UINavigationController UINavigationController

Represents a controller of any type that can be used for UI navigation. Most gamepads, arcade sticks, and racing wheels can also be accessed as a UINavigationController. It is recommended that games use the controller-specific class during gameplay and the UINavigationController class for UI menus.


ArcadeStickReading ArcadeStickReading ArcadeStickReading ArcadeStickReading ArcadeStickReading

The current state of the arcade stick.

FlightStickReading FlightStickReading FlightStickReading FlightStickReading FlightStickReading

The current state of the flight stick.

GamepadReading GamepadReading GamepadReading GamepadReading GamepadReading

Represents the current state of the gamepad.

GamepadVibration GamepadVibration GamepadVibration GamepadVibration GamepadVibration

Describes the speed of the gamepad's four available vibration motors.

RacingWheelReading RacingWheelReading RacingWheelReading RacingWheelReading RacingWheelReading

Represents the current state of the racing wheel.

UINavigationReading UINavigationReading UINavigationReading UINavigationReading UINavigationReading

Represents the current state of the UI navigation controller.


IGameController IGameController IGameController IGameController IGameController

The core interface required to be implemented by all controller devices, regardless of their actual type (gamepad, racing wheel, flight stick, and so on). This interface exists mainly to support extensibility for game controllers, which allows OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to publish WinRT (Windows Runtime) classes that provide rich access to their device's features, while integrating into the underlying game controller device enumeration framework.

IGameControllerBatteryInfo IGameControllerBatteryInfo IGameControllerBatteryInfo IGameControllerBatteryInfo IGameControllerBatteryInfo

Interface that allows game controller (or headset) classes to query for information about the current battery state, regardless of their actual type (gamepad, racing wheel, flight stick, and so on).


ArcadeStickButtons ArcadeStickButtons ArcadeStickButtons ArcadeStickButtons ArcadeStickButtons

Specifies the button type for an arcade stick.

FlightStickButtons FlightStickButtons FlightStickButtons FlightStickButtons FlightStickButtons

Specifies the type of flight stick button.

GameControllerButtonLabel GameControllerButtonLabel GameControllerButtonLabel GameControllerButtonLabel GameControllerButtonLabel

Label that appears on the physical controller button.

GameControllerSwitchKind GameControllerSwitchKind GameControllerSwitchKind GameControllerSwitchKind GameControllerSwitchKind

The type of switch on the game controller.

GameControllerSwitchPosition GameControllerSwitchPosition GameControllerSwitchPosition GameControllerSwitchPosition GameControllerSwitchPosition

The position of the game controller's switch.

GamepadButtons GamepadButtons GamepadButtons GamepadButtons GamepadButtons

Specifies the button type.

OptionalUINavigationButtons OptionalUINavigationButtons OptionalUINavigationButtons OptionalUINavigationButtons OptionalUINavigationButtons

Specifies additional buttons that may be available on a controller that appears as a navigation controller.

RacingWheelButtons RacingWheelButtons RacingWheelButtons RacingWheelButtons RacingWheelButtons

Specifies the racing wheel button type.

RequiredUINavigationButtons RequiredUINavigationButtons RequiredUINavigationButtons RequiredUINavigationButtons RequiredUINavigationButtons

Specifies the buttons that are required to be available on a controller that appears as a navigation controller.


A Windows application must have focus to receive input from an Xbox One Controller.


Legacy Win32 console applications should use the XInput Game Controller APIs instead.

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