Gamepad.Gamepads Gamepad.Gamepads Gamepad.Gamepads Gamepad.Gamepads Gamepad.Gamepads Property


The list of all connected gamepads.

public : static IVectorView<Gamepad> Gamepads { get; }
static IVectorView<Gamepad> Gamepads();
public static IReadOnlyList<Gamepad> Gamepads { get; }
Public Shared ReadOnly Property Gamepads As IReadOnlyList<Gamepad>
var iReadOnlyList = Windows.Gaming.Input.Gamepad.gamepads;

Property Value

IReadOnlyList<Gamepad> IReadOnlyList<Gamepad> IReadOnlyList<Gamepad>

The list of all connected gamepads.


Gamepad objects are managed by the system, therefore you don't have to create or initialize them. Instead, you can access connected gamepads through this property. Because you might only be interested in some of the connected gamepads, we recommend that you maintain your own collection.

This list is initially empty and will not list gamepads even if they are already connected. After a short period this will return a complete list of gamepads.