Windows.Gaming.XboxLive.Storage Windows.Gaming.XboxLive.Storage Windows.Gaming.XboxLive.Storage Windows.Gaming.XboxLive.Storage Windows.Gaming.XboxLive.Storage Namespace

Contains GameSaveProvider and GameSaveContainer classes used to create, save, enumerate, and load Xbox Live game saves.


This API is targeted towards UWP games and apps with Xbox Live Enabled. Calls to these APIs made from sources that are not Xbox Live enabled will not be able to sync data to the cloud.


GameSaveBlobGetResult GameSaveBlobGetResult GameSaveBlobGetResult GameSaveBlobGetResult GameSaveBlobGetResult

A collection of named game save blobs retrieved from a GameSaveContainer.

GameSaveBlobInfo GameSaveBlobInfo GameSaveBlobInfo GameSaveBlobInfo GameSaveBlobInfo

Contains information about a game save blob. Call GameSaveBlobInfoQuery.GetBlobInfoAsync to obtain a GameSaveBlobInfo instance.

GameSaveBlobInfoGetResult GameSaveBlobInfoGetResult GameSaveBlobInfoGetResult GameSaveBlobInfoGetResult GameSaveBlobInfoGetResult

Result of a GameSaveBlobInfoQuery.GetBlobInfoAsync operation.

GameSaveBlobInfoQuery GameSaveBlobInfoQuery GameSaveBlobInfoQuery GameSaveBlobInfoQuery GameSaveBlobInfoQuery

Enumerates the blobs in a GameSaveContainer.

GameSaveContainer GameSaveContainer GameSaveContainer GameSaveContainer GameSaveContainer

Contains a collection of data blobs that represent a single saved game.

GameSaveContainerInfo GameSaveContainerInfo GameSaveContainerInfo GameSaveContainerInfo GameSaveContainerInfo

Information about a game save container.

GameSaveContainerInfoGetResult GameSaveContainerInfoGetResult GameSaveContainerInfoGetResult GameSaveContainerInfoGetResult GameSaveContainerInfoGetResult

Result of a GameSaveContainerInfoQuery operation.

GameSaveContainerInfoQuery GameSaveContainerInfoQuery GameSaveContainerInfoQuery GameSaveContainerInfoQuery GameSaveContainerInfoQuery

Enumerates game save containers within a game save provider.

GameSaveOperationResult GameSaveOperationResult GameSaveOperationResult GameSaveOperationResult GameSaveOperationResult

Result of an asynchronous game save operation.

GameSaveProvider GameSaveProvider GameSaveProvider GameSaveProvider GameSaveProvider

GameSaveProvider is used to create, save, enumerate, and load Xbox Live game saves.

GameSaveProviderGetResult GameSaveProviderGetResult GameSaveProviderGetResult GameSaveProviderGetResult GameSaveProviderGetResult

Result of a GetForUserAsync or GetSyncOnDemandForUserAsync. operation.


GameSaveErrorStatus GameSaveErrorStatus GameSaveErrorStatus GameSaveErrorStatus GameSaveErrorStatus

Success and failure codes returned by game save operations.


Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps running on PCs save local data in a location that is accessible to the local user, and is not inherently protected from user tampering.

You should consider applying your own encryption and validity checks to game save data in order to help prevent users from modifying the game saves outside of the game.

In addition, if your game is a cross-play game that allows game save sharing between Windows 10 and Xbox One, the Xbox One version of the game must perform any appropriate validation and decryption of the data during load time, in case the data was tampered with on a Windows 10 device.