GeographicRegion GeographicRegion GeographicRegion GeographicRegion GeographicRegion Class


Describes a region. This is usually a country, but may be a macroregion.

public : sealed class GeographicRegion
struct winrt::Windows::Globalization::GeographicRegion
public sealed class GeographicRegion
Public NotInheritable Class GeographicRegion
var geographicRegion = new geographicRegion(geographicRegionCode);

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


// Get the user's geographic region and its display name.
var geographicRegion = new Windows.Globalization.GeographicRegion;
var displayName = geographicRegion.displayName;
// Get the user's geographic region and its display name.
var geographicRegion = new Windows.Globalization.GeographicRegion();
var displayName = geographicRegion.DisplayName;


For a list of standard country/region codes used by Microsoft, see the Official Country/Region List.


GeographicRegion() GeographicRegion() GeographicRegion() GeographicRegion() GeographicRegion()

Creates a GeographicRegion object that defaults to the user's home region.

GeographicRegion(String) GeographicRegion(String) GeographicRegion(String) GeographicRegion(String) GeographicRegion(String)

Creates a GeographicRegion object.


Code Code Code Code Code

Gets the string that contains the best available identifier that represents the region.

CodeThreeDigit CodeThreeDigit CodeThreeDigit CodeThreeDigit CodeThreeDigit

Gets the three-digit identifier for this region, as a string.

CodeThreeLetter CodeThreeLetter CodeThreeLetter CodeThreeLetter CodeThreeLetter

Gets the three-letter identifier for this region.

CodeTwoLetter CodeTwoLetter CodeTwoLetter CodeTwoLetter CodeTwoLetter

Gets the two-letter identifier for this region.

CurrenciesInUse CurrenciesInUse CurrenciesInUse CurrenciesInUse CurrenciesInUse

Gets the set of currencies in use in this region.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets a localized string that is suitable for display to the user for identifying the region.

NativeName NativeName NativeName NativeName NativeName

Gets the name of the region in the primary language spoken in this region.


IsSupported(String) IsSupported(String) IsSupported(String) IsSupported(String) IsSupported(String)

Determines whether a geographic region identifier is supported.

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