HolographicSpace HolographicSpace HolographicSpace HolographicSpace HolographicSpace Class


Represents a holographic scene, with one or more holographic cameras rendering its content.

public : sealed class HolographicSpace
struct winrt::Windows::Graphics::Holographic::HolographicSpace
public sealed class HolographicSpace
Public NotInheritable Class HolographicSpace
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Holographic Extension SDK Preview (introduced v10.0.10240.0) Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10586.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Preview.Holographic.HolographicContract (introduced v1) Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v2)


Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1703 15063 IsAvailable
1703 15063 IsAvailableChanged
1703 15063 IsSupported
1709 16299 IsConfigured
1803 17134 CreateFramePresentationMonitor
1803 17134 UserPresence
1803 17134 UserPresenceChanged
1803 17134 WaitForNextFrameReady
1803 17134 WaitForNextFrameReadyWithHeadStart


IsAvailable IsAvailable IsAvailable IsAvailable IsAvailable

Gets whether a Mixed Reality headset is ready for holographic rendering.

IsConfigured IsConfigured IsConfigured IsConfigured IsConfigured

Gets whether the current system has been configured by the user for Mixed Reality headsets.

IsSupported IsSupported IsSupported IsSupported IsSupported

Gets whether the current system supports Mixed Reality headsets.

PrimaryAdapterId PrimaryAdapterId PrimaryAdapterId PrimaryAdapterId PrimaryAdapterId

Gets the identifier of the graphics adapter to be used when displaying holographic content to the default HolographicDisplay.

UserPresence UserPresence UserPresence UserPresence UserPresence

Describes whether the user is present within the headset to view and interact with this HolographicSpace.


CreateForCoreWindow(CoreWindow) CreateForCoreWindow(CoreWindow) CreateForCoreWindow(CoreWindow) CreateForCoreWindow(CoreWindow) CreateForCoreWindow(CoreWindow)

Creates a HolographicSpace that corresponds with the specified window's CoreApplicationView.

CreateFramePresentationMonitor(UInt32) CreateFramePresentationMonitor(UInt32) CreateFramePresentationMonitor(UInt32) CreateFramePresentationMonitor(UInt32) CreateFramePresentationMonitor(UInt32)

Creates an object to monitor an independent stream of frame presentation reports from this HolographicSpace.

CreateNextFrame() CreateNextFrame() CreateNextFrame() CreateNextFrame() CreateNextFrame()

Creates a HolographicFrame for the next frame to display.

SetDirect3D11Device(IDirect3DDevice) SetDirect3D11Device(IDirect3DDevice) SetDirect3D11Device(IDirect3DDevice) SetDirect3D11Device(IDirect3DDevice) SetDirect3D11Device(IDirect3DDevice)

Assigns the IDirect3DDevice that will display holographic content. An error will occur if the app creates an inappropriate device.

WaitForNextFrameReady() WaitForNextFrameReady() WaitForNextFrameReady() WaitForNextFrameReady() WaitForNextFrameReady()

Blocks the current thread until the right time to begin rendering the next frame.

WaitForNextFrameReadyWithHeadStart(TimeSpan) WaitForNextFrameReadyWithHeadStart(TimeSpan) WaitForNextFrameReadyWithHeadStart(TimeSpan) WaitForNextFrameReadyWithHeadStart(TimeSpan) WaitForNextFrameReadyWithHeadStart(TimeSpan)

Blocks the current thread until the right time to begin rendering the next frame, with the specified head start.


CameraAdded CameraAdded CameraAdded CameraAdded CameraAdded

Occurs when a HolographicCamera is added to the current HolographicSpace.

CameraRemoved CameraRemoved CameraRemoved CameraRemoved CameraRemoved

Occurs when a HolographicCamera is removed from the current HolographicSpace.

IsAvailableChanged IsAvailableChanged IsAvailableChanged IsAvailableChanged IsAvailableChanged

Occurs when a configured and ready Mixed Reality headset is attached or detached from the system.

UserPresenceChanged UserPresenceChanged UserPresenceChanged UserPresenceChanged UserPresenceChanged

Occurs when the user's presence within the headset or ability to view and interact with this HolographicSpace changes.