PrintMediaType PrintMediaType PrintMediaType PrintMediaType PrintMediaType Enum


Specifies the media types for the printed output.

public : enum class PrintMediaType
enum class winrt::Windows::Graphics::Printing::PrintMediaType : int32_t
public enum PrintMediaType
Public Enum PrintMediaType
var value = Windows.Graphics.Printing.PrintMediaType.archival;

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0 - for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


Archival Archival Archival Archival Archival 4

The Archival media type.

AutoSelect AutoSelect AutoSelect AutoSelect AutoSelect 3

The option to auto select a media type.

BackPrintFilm BackPrintFilm BackPrintFilm BackPrintFilm BackPrintFilm 5

The BackPrintFilm media type.

Bond Bond Bond Bond Bond 6

The Bond media type.

CardStock CardStock CardStock CardStock CardStock 7

The CardStock media type.

Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous 8

The Continuous media type.

Default Default Default Default Default 0

The default media type for the printed output.

EnvelopePlain EnvelopePlain EnvelopePlain EnvelopePlain EnvelopePlain 9

The EnvelopePlain media type.

EnvelopeWindow EnvelopeWindow EnvelopeWindow EnvelopeWindow EnvelopeWindow 10

The EnvelopeWindow media type.

Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric 11

The Fabric media type.

HighResolution HighResolution HighResolution HighResolution HighResolution 12

The HighResolution media type.

Label Label Label Label Label 13

The Label media type.

MultiLayerForm MultiLayerForm MultiLayerForm MultiLayerForm MultiLayerForm 14

The MultiLayerForm media type.

MultiPartForm MultiPartForm MultiPartForm MultiPartForm MultiPartForm 15

The MultiPartForm media type.

None None None None None 31

The option to indicate that a media type has not been selected.

NotAvailable NotAvailable NotAvailable NotAvailable NotAvailable 1

A media type that is not available with the application or one that is not supported by the print device.

Photographic Photographic Photographic Photographic Photographic 16

The Photographic media type.

PhotographicFilm PhotographicFilm PhotographicFilm PhotographicFilm PhotographicFilm 17

The PhotographicFilm media type.

PhotographicGlossy PhotographicGlossy PhotographicGlossy PhotographicGlossy PhotographicGlossy 18

The PhotographicGlossy media type.

PhotographicHighGloss PhotographicHighGloss PhotographicHighGloss PhotographicHighGloss PhotographicHighGloss 19

The PhotographicHighGloss media type.

PhotographicMatte PhotographicMatte PhotographicMatte PhotographicMatte PhotographicMatte 20

The PhotographicMatte media type.

PhotographicSatin PhotographicSatin PhotographicSatin PhotographicSatin PhotographicSatin 21

The PhotographicSatin media type.

PhotographicSemiGloss PhotographicSemiGloss PhotographicSemiGloss PhotographicSemiGloss PhotographicSemiGloss 22

The PhotographicSemiGloss media type.

Plain Plain Plain Plain Plain 23

The Plain media type.

PrinterCustom PrinterCustom PrinterCustom PrinterCustom PrinterCustom 2

A custom media type that is specific to the print device.

Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen 24

The Screen media type.

ScreenPaged ScreenPaged ScreenPaged ScreenPaged ScreenPaged 25

The ScreenPaged media type.

Stationery Stationery Stationery Stationery Stationery 26

The Stationery media type.

TabStockFull TabStockFull TabStockFull TabStockFull TabStockFull 27

The TabStockFull media type.

TabStockPreCut TabStockPreCut TabStockPreCut TabStockPreCut TabStockPreCut 28

The TabStockPreCut media type.

Transparency Transparency Transparency Transparency Transparency 29

The Transparency media type.

TShirtTransfer TShirtTransfer TShirtTransfer TShirtTransfer TShirtTransfer 30

The TShirtTransfer media type.