Windows.Management Windows.Management Windows.Management Windows.Management Windows.Management Namespace

Provides capabilities to force a sync from an MDM device to the server. This MDM sync protocol is based on the Open Mobile Alliance - Device Management standard.


MdmAlert MdmAlert MdmAlert MdmAlert MdmAlert

Provides functionality to configure the data sent to the mobile device management server.

MdmSession MdmSession MdmSession MdmSession MdmSession

Provides functionality to start an MDM session with the server.

MdmSessionManager MdmSessionManager MdmSessionManager MdmSessionManager MdmSessionManager

This is used as an entry point for creating new sessions, viewing old sessions, or cleanup.


MdmAlertDataType MdmAlertDataType MdmAlertDataType MdmAlertDataType MdmAlertDataType

The possible data formats of an MDM alert payload.

MdmAlertMark MdmAlertMark MdmAlertMark MdmAlertMark MdmAlertMark

Values indicating priority or criticality of the MDM alert.

MdmSessionState MdmSessionState MdmSessionState MdmSessionState MdmSessionState

The various states of an MDM session.


This API does not expose the server ID or enrollment. The first valid enterprise enrollment found is used.