MediaFrameSource.SupportedFormats Property


Gets a read-only list of MediaFrameFormat objects representing the frame formats supported by the MediaFrameSource.

 property IVectorView<MediaFrameFormat ^> ^ SupportedFormats { IVectorView<MediaFrameFormat ^> ^ get(); };
IVectorView<MediaFrameFormat> SupportedFormats();
public IReadOnlyList<MediaFrameFormat> SupportedFormats { get; }
var iVectorView = mediaFrameSource.supportedFormats;
Public ReadOnly Property SupportedFormats As IReadOnlyList(Of MediaFrameFormat)

Property Value


A read-only list of frame formats supported by the media frame source.


Get the list of supported frame formats for a media frame source by accessing the SupportedFormats property.

Get the current frame format of the media frame source by accessing the CurrentFormat property. Set the current frame format by calling SetFormatAsync.

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