GameBarServices GameBarServices GameBarServices GameBarServices GameBarServices Class


Manages the state of the Game Bar.

public : sealed class GameBarServices
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Capture::GameBarServices
public sealed class GameBarServices
Public NotInheritable Class GameBarServices
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows Desktop Extension SDK (introduced v10.0.15063.0)
API contract
Windows.Media.Capture.GameBarContract (introduced v1)


AppBroadcastServices AppBroadcastServices AppBroadcastServices AppBroadcastServices AppBroadcastServices

Gets an object that manages app broadcasts.

AppCaptureServices AppCaptureServices AppCaptureServices AppCaptureServices AppCaptureServices

Gets an object that manages app capture.

SessionId SessionId SessionId SessionId SessionId

Gets a unique identifier for the Game Bar session.

TargetCapturePolicy TargetCapturePolicy TargetCapturePolicy TargetCapturePolicy TargetCapturePolicy

Gets the policy for app capture of a target.

TargetInfo TargetInfo TargetInfo TargetInfo TargetInfo

Gets an object that provides metadata for an app capture target.


DisableCapture() DisableCapture() DisableCapture() DisableCapture() DisableCapture()

Disables app capture.

EnableCapture() EnableCapture() EnableCapture() EnableCapture() EnableCapture()

Enables app capture.


CommandReceived CommandReceived CommandReceived CommandReceived CommandReceived

Occurs when a Game Bar command is received.