TimedTextRegion TimedTextRegion TimedTextRegion TimedTextRegion TimedTextRegion Class


Exposes properties for customizing the appearance of the rendering area of a TimedTextCue.

public : sealed class TimedTextRegion
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Core::TimedTextRegion
public sealed class TimedTextRegion
Public NotInheritable Class TimedTextRegion
var timedTextRegion = new timedTextRegion();

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


TimedTextRegion() TimedTextRegion() TimedTextRegion() TimedTextRegion() TimedTextRegion()

Initializes a new instance of the TimedTextRegion class.


Background Background Background Background Background

Gets or sets the background color of the TimedTextRegion.

DisplayAlignment DisplayAlignment DisplayAlignment DisplayAlignment DisplayAlignment

Gets or sets the display alignment of the TimedTextRegion.

Extent Extent Extent Extent Extent

Gets or sets the extent of the TimedTextRegion, which is the rendered size of the region either in pixels or in percentage of available space.

IsOverflowClipped IsOverflowClipped IsOverflowClipped IsOverflowClipped IsOverflowClipped

Gets or sets a value indicating whether text overflowing the region is clipped.

LineHeight LineHeight LineHeight LineHeight LineHeight

Gets or sets a value that indicates the height of each line of content.

Name Name Name Name Name

Gets or sets a string representing the name of the TimedTextRegion.

Padding Padding Padding Padding Padding

Gets or sets a value that indicates the thickness of padding space between the boundaries of the content area and the content displayed by a TimedTextRegion.

Position Position Position Position Position

Gets or sets the position of the TimedTextRegion, relative to the top left corner of the video frame.

ScrollMode ScrollMode ScrollMode ScrollMode ScrollMode

Gets a value indicating the method in which lines of text scroll through the region.

TextWrapping TextWrapping TextWrapping TextWrapping TextWrapping

Gets or sets a value indicating whether text wraps when it reaches the edge of the TimedTextRegion.

WritingMode WritingMode WritingMode WritingMode WritingMode

Gets or sets a value indicating the direction that text flows within the TimedTextRegion.

ZIndex ZIndex ZIndex ZIndex ZIndex

Gets or sets the Z-order of the TimedTextRegion, relative to other active regions on the screen, in case they overlap.

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