INDDownloadEngine INDDownloadEngine INDDownloadEngine INDDownloadEngine INDDownloadEngine Interface


Provides the PlayReady-ND download engine used to stream protected media content from a transmitter.

public : interface INDDownloadEngine
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Protection::PlayReady::INDDownloadEngine
public interface INDDownloadEngine
Public Interface INDDownloadEngine
// You can't instantiate an interface directly in JavaScript. You can use objects that implement the interface, however.
Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples

Gets the maximum threshold of the sample buffer.

public : unsigned int BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples { get; }
uint32_t BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples();
public uint BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property BufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples As uint
var uint = indDownloadEngine.bufferFullMaxThresholdInSamples;
uint uint uint

The maximum number of samples that the download engine uses to determine whether the sample buffer is full.


When the sample buffer contains more samples than this threshold, the download engine is notified to pause.

BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples

Gets the minimum number of samples a sample buffer can hold before a download engine resumes downloading.

public : unsigned int BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples { get; }
uint32_t BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples();
public uint BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property BufferFullMinThresholdInSamples As uint
var uint = indDownloadEngine.bufferFullMinThresholdInSamples;
uint uint uint

The minimum number of samples that the download engine uses to determine whether to resume downloading.


When the buffer holds a number of samples smaller than this, the download engine is notified to resume downloading.

CanSeek CanSeek CanSeek CanSeek CanSeek

Gets whether the download engine supports seeking.

public : Platform::Boolean CanSeek { get; }
bool CanSeek();
public bool CanSeek { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property CanSeek As bool
var bool = indDownloadEngine.canSeek;
bool bool bool

true if the download engine supports seeking or false if it does not.

Notifier Notifier Notifier Notifier Notifier

Gets the download engine notifier that will provide notification of download stream events from the transmitter.

public : NDDownloadEngineNotifier Notifier { get; }
NDDownloadEngineNotifier Notifier();
public NDDownloadEngineNotifier Notifier { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Notifier As NDDownloadEngineNotifier
var ndDownloadEngineNotifier = indDownloadEngine.notifier;
NDDownloadEngineNotifier NDDownloadEngineNotifier NDDownloadEngineNotifier

A download engine notifier created from the INDDownloadEngineNotifier interface.


Close() Close() Close() Close() Close()

Notifies the download engine to stop downloading and disconnect from the remote server.

public : void Close()
void Close() const;
public void Close()
Public Function Close() As void
// This member is not implemented in JavaScript

Open(Uri, Byte[]) Open(Uri, Byte[]) Open(Uri, Byte[]) Open(Uri, Byte[]) Open(Uri, Byte[])

Notifies the download engine to open the content specified by a URL.

public : void Open(Uri uri, Byte[] sessionIDBytes)
void Open(Uri uri, Byte[] sessionIDBytes) const;
public void Open(Uri uri, Byte[] sessionIDBytes)
Public Function Open(uri As Uri, sessionIDBytes As Byte[]) As void, sessionidBytes);
Uri Uri Uri

The URI from which the download engine gets content.

Byte[] Byte[] Byte[]

The session identifier used to identify the session. The session identifier must be 16 bytes.

Pause() Pause() Pause() Pause() Pause()

Notifies the download engine to pause downloading.

public : void Pause()
void Pause() const;
public void Pause()
Public Function Pause() As void

Resume() Resume() Resume() Resume() Resume()

Notifies the download engine to resume a paused download.

public : void Resume()
void Resume() const;
public void Resume()
Public Function Resume() As void

Seek(TimeSpan) Seek(TimeSpan) Seek(TimeSpan) Seek(TimeSpan) Seek(TimeSpan)

Notifies the download engine to go to a specified time position in the media stream.

public : void Seek(TimeSpan startPosition)
void Seek(TimeSpan startPosition) const;
public void Seek(TimeSpan startPosition)
Public Function Seek(startPosition As TimeSpan) As void;
TimeSpan TimeSpan TimeSpan

The position within the media stream to which to seek.