IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest Interface


Manages secure stop messages.

public : interface IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest : IMediaProtectionServiceRequest, IPlayReadyServiceRequest
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Protection::PlayReady::IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest : IMediaProtectionServiceRequest, IPlayReadyServiceRequest
public interface IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest : IMediaProtectionServiceRequest, IPlayReadyServiceRequest
Public Interface IPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest Implements IMediaProtectionServiceRequest, IPlayReadyServiceRequest
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Windows 10 requirements
Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


ChallengeCustomData ChallengeCustomData ChallengeCustomData ChallengeCustomData ChallengeCustomData

Gets or sets the custom data of the request challenge.

(Inherited from IPlayReadyServiceRequest)

ProtectionSystem ProtectionSystem ProtectionSystem ProtectionSystem ProtectionSystem

Allows the application to identify the content protection system being used and therefore how to interpret the protection task.

(Inherited from IMediaProtectionServiceRequest)

PublisherCertificate PublisherCertificate PublisherCertificate PublisherCertificate PublisherCertificate

Gets the current publisher certificate property.

public : byte[] PublisherCertificate { get; }
byte[] PublisherCertificate();
public byte[] PublisherCertificate { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property PublisherCertificate As byte[]
var byte[] = iPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest.publisherCertificate;
byte[] byte[] byte[]

The current publisher certificate.

ResponseCustomData ResponseCustomData ResponseCustomData ResponseCustomData ResponseCustomData

Gets the custom data that was returned in the response from the service.

(Inherited from IPlayReadyServiceRequest)

SessionID SessionID SessionID SessionID SessionID

Gets the secure stop session identifier property.

public : Platform::Guid SessionID { get; }
Guid SessionID();
public Guid SessionID { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property SessionID As Guid
var guid = iPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest.sessionid;
Guid Guid Guid

The secure stop session identifier.

StartTime StartTime StartTime StartTime StartTime

Gets the secure stop session's start time property.

public : DateTime StartTime { get; }
DateTime StartTime();
public DateTimeOffset StartTime { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property StartTime As DateTimeOffset
var dateTimeOffset = iPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest.startTime;
DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset

The secure stop session's start time.

Stopped Stopped Stopped Stopped Stopped

Gets the secure stop session's stopped flag property which indicates whether the secure stop session for this request was cleanly shut down.

public : Platform::Boolean Stopped { get; }
bool Stopped();
public bool Stopped { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Stopped As bool
var bool = iPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest.stopped;
bool bool bool

The secure stop session's stopped flag.

Type Type Type Type Type

Retrieves the GUID for the type of operation that the IMediaProtectionServiceRequest performs.

(Inherited from IMediaProtectionServiceRequest)

UpdateTime UpdateTime UpdateTime UpdateTime UpdateTime

Gets the secure stop session's update/stop time property.

public : DateTime UpdateTime { get; }
DateTime UpdateTime();
public DateTimeOffset UpdateTime { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property UpdateTime As DateTimeOffset
var dateTimeOffset = iPlayReadySecureStopServiceRequest.updateTime;
DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset

The secure stop session's update/stop time.

Uri Uri Uri Uri Uri

Gets or sets the URI used to perform a service request action.

(Inherited from IPlayReadyServiceRequest)


BeginServiceRequest BeginServiceRequest BeginServiceRequest BeginServiceRequest BeginServiceRequest

Begins an asynchronous service request operation.

(Inherited from IPlayReadyServiceRequest)

GenerateManualEnablingChallenge GenerateManualEnablingChallenge GenerateManualEnablingChallenge GenerateManualEnablingChallenge GenerateManualEnablingChallenge

Begins the process of manually enabling.

(Inherited from IPlayReadyServiceRequest)

NextServiceRequest NextServiceRequest NextServiceRequest NextServiceRequest NextServiceRequest

Returns a new service request interface.

(Inherited from IPlayReadyServiceRequest)

ProcessManualEnablingResponse(Byte[]) ProcessManualEnablingResponse(Byte[]) ProcessManualEnablingResponse(Byte[]) ProcessManualEnablingResponse(Byte[]) ProcessManualEnablingResponse(Byte[])

Processes the raw binary result of a manual enabling challenge.

(Inherited from IPlayReadyServiceRequest)

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