PlayReadyLicense PlayReadyLicense PlayReadyLicense PlayReadyLicense PlayReadyLicense Class


Represents the properties of a PlayReady license.

public : sealed class PlayReadyLicense : IPlayReadyLicense
struct winrt::Windows::Media::Protection::PlayReady::PlayReadyLicense : IPlayReadyLicense
public sealed class PlayReadyLicense : IPlayReadyLicense
Public NotInheritable Class PlayReadyLicense Implements IPlayReadyLicense
// This class does not provide a public constructor.

Windows 10 requirements

Device family
Windows 10 (introduced v10.0.10240.0)
API contract
Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract (introduced v1)


This class is used to query license metadata. It could represent a single license or an entire chain of licenses depending on how the license enumeration was performed.

Version history

Windows version SDK version Value added
1703 15063 ExpiresInRealTime
1703 15063 InMemoryOnly
1703 15063 SecureStopId
1703 15063 SecurityLevel


ChainDepth ChainDepth ChainDepth ChainDepth ChainDepth

Gets the chain depth of the license chain represented by the current PlayReadyLicense class.

DomainAccountID DomainAccountID DomainAccountID DomainAccountID DomainAccountID

Gets the domain account identifier to which this license is bound.

ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate

Gets the expiration date of the current license.

ExpireAfterFirstPlay ExpireAfterFirstPlay ExpireAfterFirstPlay ExpireAfterFirstPlay ExpireAfterFirstPlay

Gets the amount of time, in seconds, before the current license expires after the media is first played.

ExpiresInRealTime ExpiresInRealTime ExpiresInRealTime ExpiresInRealTime ExpiresInRealTime

Gets a value that indicates if the license can expire in the middle of playback or if only expires when attempting a fresh playback.

FullyEvaluated FullyEvaluated FullyEvaluated FullyEvaluated FullyEvaluated

Gets the state of the license.

InMemoryOnly InMemoryOnly InMemoryOnly InMemoryOnly InMemoryOnly

Gets a value that indicates if the license is in-memory-only.

SecureStopId SecureStopId SecureStopId SecureStopId SecureStopId

Gets the unique identifier of the certificate for the service that handles the server-side of the SecureStop protocol.

SecurityLevel SecurityLevel SecurityLevel SecurityLevel SecurityLevel

Gets a value that indicates the security level of the license.

UsableForPlay UsableForPlay UsableForPlay UsableForPlay UsableForPlay

Gets whether this license is usable for playback.


GetKIDAtChainDepth(UInt32) GetKIDAtChainDepth(UInt32) GetKIDAtChainDepth(UInt32) GetKIDAtChainDepth(UInt32) GetKIDAtChainDepth(UInt32)

Gets the key identifier (KID) of the license at the specified chain depth.

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