SpeechRecognizer.SystemSpeechLanguage Property


Gets the speech language of the device specified in Settings > Time & Language > Speech.

 static property Language ^ SystemSpeechLanguage { Language ^ get(); };
static Language SystemSpeechLanguage();
public static Language SystemSpeechLanguage { get; }
var language = SpeechRecognizer.systemSpeechLanguage;
Public Shared ReadOnly Property SystemSpeechLanguage As Language

Property Value


The speech language of the device, or null if a speech language is not installed.


Speech languages are added from the Settings > Time & Language > Region & language screen.

  1. Click Add a language.
  2. Select a language from the Add a language screen.
  3. Depending on the language selected, a language region screen might be displayed. Select the region.
  4. From the Settings > Time & Language > Region & language screen, select the language and click Options.
  5. If a speech language is available for the selected language and region, a Download button is displayed on the Language options screen. Click this button to download and install the speech language.

If no language is specified in the SpeechRecognizer() constructor, CurrentLanguage is initialized with the value of SystemSpeechLanguage.

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