Windows.​Media.​Streaming.​Adaptive Windows.​Media.​Streaming.​Adaptive Windows.​Media.​Streaming.​Adaptive Namespace

Provides the ability to playback multimedia content that is delivered using various adaptive streaming protocols. You can playback Http Live Streaming (HLS) or Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) content.


AdaptiveMediaSource AdaptiveMediaSource AdaptiveMediaSource

Represents the source of adaptive streaming content.

AdaptiveMediaSourceAdvancedSettings AdaptiveMediaSourceAdvancedSettings AdaptiveMediaSourceAdvancedSettings

Provides advanced settings for an AdaptiveMediaSource.

AdaptiveMediaSourceCorrelatedTimes AdaptiveMediaSourceCorrelatedTimes AdaptiveMediaSourceCorrelatedTimes

Represents time stamps that are correlated between the playback position of the media player with time stamps embedded in the media stream or included in the manifest file.

AdaptiveMediaSourceCreationResult AdaptiveMediaSourceCreationResult AdaptiveMediaSourceCreationResult

Represents the result of the creation of a AdaptiveMediaSource object.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnosticAvailableEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnosticAvailableEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnosticAvailableEventArgs

Provides data for the DiagnosticAvailable event which is raised when diagnostic information for the adaptive media source becomes available.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnostics AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnostics AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnostics

Provides an event that is raised when diagnostic information about the adaptive media source is available.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadBitrateChangedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadBitrateChangedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadBitrateChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the DownloadBitrateChanged event.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadCompletedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadCompletedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadCompletedEventArgs

Provides data for the DownloadCompleted event.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadFailedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadFailedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadFailedEventArgs

Provides data for the DownloadFailed event.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadRequestedDeferral AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadRequestedDeferral AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadRequestedDeferral

Represents a deferral that can be used to defer the completion of the DownloadRequested event so that the app can asynchronously download media content.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadRequestedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadRequestedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadRequestedEventArgs

Provides data for the DownloadRequested event.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadResult AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadResult AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadResult

Represents the results of a resource download operation.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadStatistics AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadStatistics AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadStatistics

Represents a set of download statistics associated with the AdaptiveMediaSource.DownloadFailed and AdaptiveMediaSource.DownloadCompleted events.

AdaptiveMediaSourcePlaybackBitrateChangedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourcePlaybackBitrateChangedEventArgs AdaptiveMediaSourcePlaybackBitrateChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the PlaybackBitrateChanged event.


AdaptiveMediaSourceCreationStatus AdaptiveMediaSourceCreationStatus AdaptiveMediaSourceCreationStatus

Specifies the result of an attempt to create a AdaptiveMediaSource object.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnosticType AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnosticType AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnosticType

Specifies the type of diagnostic event that is associated with a AdaptiveMediaSourceDiagnostics.DiagnosticAvailable.

AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadBitrateChangedReason AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadBitrateChangedReason AdaptiveMediaSourceDownloadBitrateChangedReason

Specifies the reason that the download bitrate changed. This value is used for the AdaptiveMediaSource.DownloadBitrateChanged event.

AdaptiveMediaSourceResourceType AdaptiveMediaSourceResourceType AdaptiveMediaSourceResourceType

Specifies the type of an adaptive media resource.


In addition to basic playback, this namespace provides for the control of these aspects of the adaptive streaming algorithm:

  • Ability to create an instance of the AdaptiveMediaSource object for playing adaptive streaming content, which can be bound to either XAML or HTML media elements.
  • Ability to query for the available adaptive bit rates that are described by the adaptive streaming manifest.
  • Ability to select the initial bit rate to use for playback.
  • Ability to limit the set of bit rates to use during playback.
  • Ability to get events when the bit rate has changed.
  • Ability to determine if playback is live.
  • Ability to set the starting offset for live playback. All other functionality typically required by multimedia apps, such as playback controls, stream selection, and so on, are performed on the media element after you bind the AdaptiveMediaSource object to that media element.

For how-to guidance for using adaptive streaming in your app, see Adaptive streaming.