StreamSocket.Close Method


Closes the StreamSocket object.

 virtual void Close() = Close;
void Close();
// This member is not implemented in C#
function close()
' This member is not implemented in VB.NET


M:Windows.Foundation.IClosable.Close M:System.IDisposable.Close

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The Close method aborts any pending operations and releases all unmanaged resources associated with the StreamSocket object. Aborting pending read operations on an InputStream or aborting pending write operations on an OutputStream will also result in the StreamSocket object being closed.

The Close is used by UWP apps written in JavaScript. For apps written using the .NET Framework 4.5 in C# and VB.NET, the Close method is exposed as the Dispose() method on the StreamSocket. For apps written in C++, the Close method will be called when using the delete keyword on the object.

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