StreamSocketControl.IgnorableServerCertificateErrors Property


Get a vector of SSL server errors to ignore when making an SSL connection with a StreamSocket.

 property IVector<ChainValidationResult> ^ IgnorableServerCertificateErrors { IVector<ChainValidationResult> ^ get(); };
IVector<ChainValidationResult> IgnorableServerCertificateErrors();
public IList<ChainValidationResult> IgnorableServerCertificateErrors { get; }
var iVector = streamSocketControl.ignorableServerCertificateErrors;
Public ReadOnly Property IgnorableServerCertificateErrors As IList(Of ChainValidationResult)

Property Value



A vector of SSL server errors to ignore.


The IgnorableServerCertificateErrors property gets a vector of ChainValidationResult enumeration values for the SSL server errors to ignore.

SSL server errors should only be ignored in advanced scenarios. Disregarding server certificate errors may result in the loss of privacy or integrity of the content passed over the SSL session.

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