EyesPose.Gaze EyesPose.Gaze EyesPose.Gaze EyesPose.Gaze EyesPose.Gaze Property


Gets the user's eye gaze in the specified coordinate system.

public : IReference<SpatialRay> Gaze { get; }
IReference<SpatialRay> Gaze();
public Nullable<SpatialRay> Gaze { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Gaze As Nullable<SpatialRay>
var nullable = eyesPose.gaze;

Property Value

Nullable<SpatialRay> Nullable<SpatialRay> Nullable<SpatialRay>

The eye gaze, if calibration is valid for the current user and their eyes are currently detected; otherwise, null.

Additional features and requirements



You should check IsCalibrationValid first to determine if eye gaze calibration is valid for the current user in the headset. If not, this property will always return null.