Windows.Phone.Notification.Management Windows.Phone.Notification.Management Windows.Phone.Notification.Management Windows.Phone.Notification.Management Windows.Phone.Notification.Management Namespace

Provides members that allow accessories to interact with the phone.


AccessoryManager AccessoryManager AccessoryManager AccessoryManager AccessoryManager

Provides methods for registering and enabling notifications and other utilities for accessory devices like active phone covers, smart watches, or fitness bands.

AlarmNotificationTriggerDetails AlarmNotificationTriggerDetails AlarmNotificationTriggerDetails AlarmNotificationTriggerDetails AlarmNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents all information necessary to render an alarm notification on an accessory.

AppNotificationInfo AppNotificationInfo AppNotificationInfo AppNotificationInfo AppNotificationInfo

Represents the name and identifier of an app.

BinaryId BinaryId BinaryId BinaryId BinaryId

Represents a binary identifier.

CalendarChangedNotificationTriggerDetails CalendarChangedNotificationTriggerDetails CalendarChangedNotificationTriggerDetails CalendarChangedNotificationTriggerDetails CalendarChangedNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents all information necessary to render a calendar changed notification on an accessory.

CortanaTileNotificationTriggerDetails CortanaTileNotificationTriggerDetails CortanaTileNotificationTriggerDetails CortanaTileNotificationTriggerDetails CortanaTileNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents all information necessary to render a Cortana live tile update notification on an accessory.

EmailAccountInfo EmailAccountInfo EmailAccountInfo EmailAccountInfo EmailAccountInfo

Represents the display name of the email account and whether notifications are enabled on the account.

EmailFolderInfo EmailFolderInfo EmailFolderInfo EmailFolderInfo EmailFolderInfo

Represents the display name of the email folder and whether notifications are enabled on the folder.

EmailNotificationTriggerDetails EmailNotificationTriggerDetails EmailNotificationTriggerDetails EmailNotificationTriggerDetails EmailNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents all information necessary to render an email notification on an accessory.

EmailReadNotificationTriggerDetails EmailReadNotificationTriggerDetails EmailReadNotificationTriggerDetails EmailReadNotificationTriggerDetails EmailReadNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents all information necessary to render an email read notification on an accessory.

MediaControlsTriggerDetails MediaControlsTriggerDetails MediaControlsTriggerDetails MediaControlsTriggerDetails MediaControlsTriggerDetails

Represents all data needed to render a notification indicating that media playback status on the phone has changed.

MediaMetadata MediaMetadata MediaMetadata MediaMetadata MediaMetadata

Gets the metadata associated with the accessory notification instance.

PhoneCallDetails PhoneCallDetails PhoneCallDetails PhoneCallDetails PhoneCallDetails

Provides read-only access to details about a phone call.

PhoneLineDetails PhoneLineDetails PhoneLineDetails PhoneLineDetails PhoneLineDetails

Represents the details of a phone line.

PhoneNotificationTriggerDetails PhoneNotificationTriggerDetails PhoneNotificationTriggerDetails PhoneNotificationTriggerDetails PhoneNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents all information necessary to render a phone notification on an accessory.

ReminderNotificationTriggerDetails ReminderNotificationTriggerDetails ReminderNotificationTriggerDetails ReminderNotificationTriggerDetails ReminderNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents all information necessary to render a reminder notification on an accessory.

SpeedDialEntry SpeedDialEntry SpeedDialEntry SpeedDialEntry SpeedDialEntry

Represents an entry in a speed dial list.

TextResponse TextResponse TextResponse TextResponse TextResponse

Gets an object that contains a unique identifier and a string text response that is preset on the phone. These messages can be optionally sent when the user rejects a phone call on the accessory. These objects are sent as part of the PhoneNotificationTriggerDetails and are always up-to-date as of the phone call.

ToastNotificationTriggerDetails ToastNotificationTriggerDetails ToastNotificationTriggerDetails ToastNotificationTriggerDetails ToastNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents all information necessary to render a toast notification on an accessory.

VolumeInfo VolumeInfo VolumeInfo VolumeInfo VolumeInfo

Represents the state of the phone volume.


IAccessoryNotificationTriggerDetails IAccessoryNotificationTriggerDetails IAccessoryNotificationTriggerDetails IAccessoryNotificationTriggerDetails IAccessoryNotificationTriggerDetails

Represents a collection of accessory notification data.


AccessoryNotificationType AccessoryNotificationType AccessoryNotificationType AccessoryNotificationType AccessoryNotificationType

Represents the types of notifications that are raised on the phone. The IAccessoryNotificationTriggerDetails are available to the IBackgroundTask.Run method which is executed upon triggering by the AccessoryManager. Inside the IAccessoryNotificationTriggerDetails is an INotification object. The BackgroundTask developer needs to investigate this interface to determine what the specific notification type is. IAccessoryNotificationTriggerDetails.AccessoryNotificationType contains a value from a AccessoryNotificationType enumeration, listed below.

With knowledge of the type of notification, the BackgroundTask developer can use the more specific interfaces to gather information about the notification. The values are bit flags. You can OR the enum values together to indicate which notification types to be alerted for.

CalendarChangedEvent CalendarChangedEvent CalendarChangedEvent CalendarChangedEvent CalendarChangedEvent

Represents the type of calendar event.

PhoneCallAudioEndpoint PhoneCallAudioEndpoint PhoneCallAudioEndpoint PhoneCallAudioEndpoint PhoneCallAudioEndpoint

Represents the end point of the phone call, including values for default, speaker, and hands-free.

PhoneCallDirection PhoneCallDirection PhoneCallDirection PhoneCallDirection PhoneCallDirection

Represents the direction of the phone call.

PhoneCallState PhoneCallState PhoneCallState PhoneCallState PhoneCallState

Represents the state of the phone call, for instance ringing or on hold.

PhoneCallTransport PhoneCallTransport PhoneCallTransport PhoneCallTransport PhoneCallTransport

Represents the type of transport, cellular or VoIP.

PhoneLineRegistrationState PhoneLineRegistrationState PhoneLineRegistrationState PhoneLineRegistrationState PhoneLineRegistrationState

Represents the state of registration for the phone line, disconnected, home, or roaming.

PhoneMediaType PhoneMediaType PhoneMediaType PhoneMediaType PhoneMediaType

Represents the type of media on the phone line, audio-only or audio and video.

PhoneNotificationType PhoneNotificationType PhoneNotificationType PhoneNotificationType PhoneNotificationType

Represents the type of notification sent to the accessory application.

PlaybackCapability PlaybackCapability PlaybackCapability PlaybackCapability PlaybackCapability

Represents the type of media playback capability.

PlaybackCommand PlaybackCommand PlaybackCommand PlaybackCommand PlaybackCommand

Represents the media playback command to execute.

PlaybackStatus PlaybackStatus PlaybackStatus PlaybackStatus PlaybackStatus

Represents the status of the media playback.

ReminderState ReminderState ReminderState ReminderState ReminderState

Represents the state of the reminder, active, snoozed, or dismissed.

VibrateState VibrateState VibrateState VibrateState VibrateState

Represents the state of the phone vibrate mode and ringer.


Calling this API requires that the ID_CAP_SMS and ID_CAP_SMS_COMPANION capabilities be specified in the application manifest.