Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation Namespace

Provides APIs for managing a custom contact store.


ContactAddress ContactAddress ContactAddress ContactAddress ContactAddress

Represents a civic address for StoredContact objects.

ContactChangeRecord ContactChangeRecord ContactChangeRecord ContactChangeRecord ContactChangeRecord

Represents a change in contact information that occurred between revisions.

ContactInformation ContactInformation ContactInformation ContactInformation ContactInformation

Represents a contact without an association to a contact store.

ContactQueryOptions ContactQueryOptions ContactQueryOptions ContactQueryOptions ContactQueryOptions

Represents query options for retrieving contacts using CreateContactQuery.

ContactQueryResult ContactQueryResult ContactQueryResult ContactQueryResult ContactQueryResult

Represents the result of a contact query.

ContactStore ContactStore ContactStore ContactStore ContactStore

Represents the custom contact store for a Windows Phone app.

KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties KnownContactProperties

Provides key names for accessing known properties for StoredContact or ContactInformation objects.

StoredContact StoredContact StoredContact StoredContact StoredContact

Represents a contact associated with a custom contact store.


IContactInformation IContactInformation IContactInformation IContactInformation IContactInformation

Defines the interface for contact information.

IContactInformation2 IContactInformation2 IContactInformation2 IContactInformation2 IContactInformation2

Provides additional contact properties.


ContactChangeType ContactChangeType ContactChangeType ContactChangeType ContactChangeType

Indicates the type of change represented by a ContactChangeRecord.

ContactQueryResultOrdering ContactQueryResultOrdering ContactQueryResultOrdering ContactQueryResultOrdering ContactQueryResultOrdering

Specifies the order in which contacts are returned from a CreateContactQuery call.

ContactStoreApplicationAccessMode ContactStoreApplicationAccessMode ContactStoreApplicationAccessMode ContactStoreApplicationAccessMode ContactStoreApplicationAccessMode

Specifies the application access mode for a custom contact store created with CreateOrOpenAsync.

ContactStoreSystemAccessMode ContactStoreSystemAccessMode ContactStoreSystemAccessMode ContactStoreSystemAccessMode ContactStoreSystemAccessMode

Specifies the system access mode for a custom contact store created with CreateOrOpenAsync.

VCardFormat VCardFormat VCardFormat VCardFormat VCardFormat

The format of a vCard.


APIs in this namespace are typically used for a Microsoft Silverlight app for Windows Phone. For most scenarios, similar APIs exist that can be used by a Windows Runtime app for Windows Phone, and if you use these APIs you can apply much of your code to a universal app. See:


There are some scenarios where you will need Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation API even when writing a Windows Runtime app. For example, see the Contact Picker app sample. For Windows Phone, the sample uses the Windows.Phone.PersonalInformation API to prepopulate the contact store for demonstration purposes.

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